Work with the Best When You Hire a Skip


Anyone who has been involved in a construction project, a demolition job, an area clean-up, or any similar task will tell you that a skip of the correct size is one of the most important tools you use. These open-top containers make the disposal of waste items much more convenient than using a truck or resorting to loading and unloading by hand.

If you have such a project in your future, you would be wise to work with one of the leading suppliers of skips that focuses on making your construction project run as smoothly as possible. Perhaps your first step should be to visit their website to see what they have to offer. As you browse, you will see they present a guide to skip sizes that will be quite handy as you plan your work.

Correct Volume

You will find that this guide is just what you need for hiring a skip that holds the perfect amount of material for your project. For example, you may need a mini-skip that holds 4 cubic yards of material. This is the smallest container offered and is just right for residential use and for small refurbishment and remodel jobs.

One of the builder’s skips holds 6 cubic yards and is meant for larger waste that may present problems because of bulk. It’s ideal for concrete, rubble, and soil. If you need to get rid of large amounts of domestic waste, this might be the skip for you. For clearing up debris from a larger home project or jobs that involve quantities of waste that won’t work with a smaller skip, you should hire the 8 cubic yard skip.

Large skips are offered in 12 cubic yard and 16 cubic yard sizes. They are designed to handle large amounts of wood, metal, or plastic from a renovation project, a park project, or a building clearance. You can also choose to move to the next level if your task is just a bit too much for the 12 cubic yard skip.


When you hire from one of the leading providers in the industry, you have access to an array of contracts for both long hire and short hire. These professionals work with homeowners who are renovating a room and need the smallest skip available, but they also work with contractors who have an industrial-sized project that requires the largest skip.

Their experience allows them to arrange council skip licenses, provide rubbish away services, and even provide lights for your skip if it is going to be on the road. Offering the right skip is just part of the story, however. Companies thrive in their field by offering outstanding customer service in addition to quality products. With the leading skip-hire companies, you will find that the process is as smooth and stress-free as they can make it.

For the homeowner, the building-trades professional, or the contractor, having this important process handled flawlessly leaves more time for doing what they do best. Whether you are new to the skip-hire area or have been through it before, let experienced professionals take care of this one task for you.

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