Why You Should Seek Regular Hot Tub Maintenance


Hot tubs are a pretty major investment, not to mention one of the most historically desired and wonderful backyard accessories. Among frequent and easily replaceable items, though, hot tubs are not included, and you want these things to last you a long time. For that to happen, you should seek routine hot tub inspection and service by a professional company.

One of the many services provided by hot tub companies is a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of your hot tub, both inside and out. The purpose of this service is to ensure your hot tub’s performance and extend the life of all its components by regular cleaning and repairing.

Why You Should Have Your Hot Tub Inspected

Hot tubs that are heavily used are prime candidates for these kinds of inspections. Your hot tub technician will inspect all elements of your machine, even in the underbelly, examining pipes and parts that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.

It is common for hot tubs to build up dirt and sediment deep within its piping and jet systems. All of this dirt is virtually undetectable by hot tub owners and won’t be noticed until it has built up so significantly that your hot tub stops functioning as it should.

By hiring a hot tub service, you may find out about unknown issues that would have caused serious problems had they continued to go unnoticed.

What Does the Service Include?

This is a completely comprehensive service that begins with a total flush of the hot tub system. Your technician will forcefully pump water through all of the piping, clearing out dirt and other build up. Once this is completed, the hot tub will be drained of its water, and the service technician will proceed to clean the entirety of the spa by:

  • Rinsing the interior
  • Vacuuming
  • Checking and cleaning filters
  • Cleaning all jets
  • Running pumps and checking for noise
  • Checking for leaks
  • Eliminating scum on larger hardware
  • Testing performance
  • Ensuring all connections are tight

When the technician has completed a thorough inspection and cleaning, he or she will then fill the tub back up with fresh water.

What follows is a series of steps to ensure water quality and hot tub performance:

  • Priming the pumps to eliminate air bubbles
  • Treating the water with chlorine, including a shock dose
  • Ensuring proper water balance

The whole process will conclude with the technician explaining everything to you and making you’re fully aware of any lasting issues.

Setting Up an Inspection

Your hot tub inspections are extremely easy to set up. You can make an appointment by visiting the website, making a phone call, or going into the actual establishment of a hot tub service. You will typically provide basic information about yourself as well as information regarding your hot tub.

This is an invaluable service that should be considered by all hot tub owners, especially those who use their spa frequently. It’s quick and of no inconvenience to you, as the company will always be able to work around your schedule.

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