Why You Should Depend on DIY Treatments to Get Rid of Bed Bugs


Finding a professional bed bug exterminator to deal with an infestation can seem costly, but it can be the quickest, safest and cheapest option when it comes to keeping your property protected gains parasitic insects. Although you can easily purchase chemicals in hardware stores to help get rid of bugs, these chemicals are just minimally effective. Even if you could wipe out most of the bed bugs using these chemicals, you still have to deal with the remaining bugs that will cause your damage. It is important to know that DIY bed bug treatments can even spread your beg bug issue to other rooms. When using these chemicals, you may create a more significant and difficult-to-eliminate issue, which will cost you more money and headaches in the long run.

Why You Should Take a Bed Bug Issue Seriously

Bed bugs can be hard to get rid of if not wiped out completely when treated the first time. Here are the reasons you should not take your bed bug problem lightly:

  • Bed bugs travel fast. While bed bugs reproduce slowly, they tend to travel fast and efficiently. Thus, they can wander from one room to another, searching for new hiding spots to linger and lay eggs.
  • They don’t just stay in beds. Bed bugs are most well known to hide under the covers; however, they can also be found all over your house. Thus, you will have to search for migrating bugs under couch cushions, under baseboards, in laundry piles, and in blankets.
  • They can survive without a meal for a long time. Bed bugs can go weeks or even months without a blood meal. This allows them more time to reproduce, create a territory, and further your infestation issue.

Bed bugs are quite adaptive, so they should be completely wiped out the first time around. When you use store-bought chemicals, you may be able to effectively wipe out some of the bugs. However, the remaining bugs may relocate to avoid the harsh chemicals, turn to laundry baskets or sofas to survive the first attack, escalating your infestation. Also, bed bugs tend to develop tolerance to these chemicals, making them ineffective when used again.

Importance of Professional Treatments

Bringing in the professionals the first time around can be the best way to manage your bed bug issue before it gets out of hand. These professionals will deal with bed bugs swiftly and safely by using heat treatments. With their methods, you can restore your bed bug-free home without exposing your home and your family to harsh chemicals.

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