Why Vinyl? Advantages of Vinyl Windows and Siding


Vinyl is the most popular choice for new or replacement windows and siding. There are several reasons why this is so. Window World of Central Alabama offers vinyl siding and vinyl windows for sale in Birmingham AL. A spokesperson for the company explains why these products are so popular.

  1. Maintenance free

People who have had wood or metal windows or siding know how much effort goes into maintaining them. Depending on the material, they have to be varnished, stained, painted or treated with anti-corrosives. This is not necessary with vinyl products. The only maintenance required is occasionally cleaning the vinyl, and that is a simple task. Owners simply need to wipe the surface with vinyl cleaner to get their siding and windows looking as good as new.

  1. Choice of styles and colors

You can let your imagination run free when you decide to buy vinyl siding or windows. It is even possible to come up with your own custom designs. Modern manufacturing methods mean that windows can be made in any shape. Likewise, there is a wide choice of colors available.

  1. Reliability

Wood and metal windows are strong, but they can buckle or warp over time. If they get seriously warped, they become less efficient at keeping your home warm and free from drafts. It may not be possible to close them properly, and they may let moisture through. This is not an issue with vinyl. Modern vinyl siding is much better at protecting your home from the elements than old-style wooden siding.

  1. Cost savings

New triple-pane vinyl windows are coated with an invisible metal layer that greatly improves their insulating properties. They significantly reduce the amount of heat that can pass through them. Therefore, they are excellent at helping to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. This saves you money because your energy usage for heating and cooling is lowered. Moreover, the purchase price of vinyl siding and windows is usually lower than that of wooden products.

Because wood and metal need to be treated from time to time, that means there are ongoing financial costs associated with their upkeep. There are no routine maintenance costs with vinyl products. Vinyl siding is much easier to install than wooden siding. Vinyl siding is held together by an interlocking mechanism. There is no need to use multiple ties to attach the siding to the home. That cuts down labor and material costs.

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