Why Slate Tiles Are Better


In the UK, some of the oldest homes showcase roofs that feature slate tiles. This elegant stone can be made into a durable shingle that is recognised for its aesthetics, reliability, and increased lifespan. However, just as any roof, slate has its advantages and drawbacks.

A Beautiful Looking Roof

The biggest benefit of installing a roof made of slate is its appearance. That is because, as indicated, a slate tile is made entirely of natural stone. A tile made of slate also features a natural cleft surface that displays a lovely colour variation across the roofing surface.

Environmentally Friendly

The durability of slate cannot be overlooked as well. Many times, the roof outlasts the structure on which it is installed. In some instances, a slate roof is known to last as long as 150 years. According to roofers in Nottingham, slate roofs are also fireproof. The durable shingles do not emit VOCs or other pollutants. So, slate is an environmentally friendly material.

An Extremely Long-Lasting Product

In addition, slate can be recycled after it is used on a roof. Plus, the stone can be used to insulate a home, thereby allowing a homeowner to enjoy lower energy costs. So, as you can see, you can enjoy quite a number of benefits when you choose a roof made of slate. However, slate is also expensive. Nevertheless, once the roof is installed, you do not have to worry about replacing it. After all, if slate lasts 150 years, it will outlast its owner too.

The roof is heavier as well. However, again, its beauty and durability make the material more desirable. If you have the roof installed, you just need to make sure that your roof decks are reinforced in order to support the weight. Have you home surveyed if you have any doubt about the support. So, if you can get around some of the drawbacks, you will find that slate has the kind of curb appeal that underscores its other advantages over time.

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