Why Scaffolding is So Important


The obvious reason is that it provides a safe working platform for the builder and his workers, and while this is true, theres a lot more to providing scaffolding to the building trade. The project obviously has a deadline, and without prompt scaffolding, delays are inevitable, which costs you money.

Keeping Up with the Work

Once the build reaches the ground floor windows, the scaffolding needs to be in place, and with several levels on a typical house build, the workers can access every section. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on the scaffolding contractor, as none of the trades can work without having a safe platform, and this requires reliable scaffolding services in Birmingham, who can ensure that, come what may, the scaffolding is erected according to the schedule.

Safety and Certification

Prior to any worker setting foot on the scaffolding, it needs to be signed off as being safe, which begins with the scaffolding contractor inspecting the work, and if he is happy, it is the turn of the building inspector, who must sign off the scaffolding before any work can begin. Even though the scaffolding has been certified, accidents can still happen, caused by:

  • Carelessness
  • Slippery Conditions
  • Falling tools or materials

If you would like to talk to a few scaffolding contractors, with a view to hiring one, an online search is the best place to begin your quest, and by choosing one that has a history of reliability, you can be that your project will not be delayed through a lack of scaffolding.

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