Why Hire a Professional Mold Remediation Service?


Mold problems in the house can affect the health of all the family members. It can spread onto the clothes, furniture, and structure that are nearby and damage them. Many people would think of cleaning up the mold problem on their own. It looks like an easy task but it is not. This is because you don’t understand fully the impact of the mold that is spreading in the contaminated area of the house. Hiring a professional mold remediation service will be the best option to get rid of the mold once and for all.

Perform a Proper Assessment

A certified mold remediation company can perform a proper assessment of the mold. Through assessment, they can know what moisture source is causing the mold growth and how it gets into the house. They have tools to detect moisture behind the wall to uncover hidden mold growth. They can identify the type of mold that is affecting your house and determine whether it is a serious infestation. Specialized contractors will give recommendations on whether you need to pull down the wall or just scrape off the paint and repaint it.

Do It Right the First Time?

The advantage of hiring a mold remediation service is that they will do it right for the first time. They are equipped with all the necessary industrial-grade equipment for performing mold removals such as infrared camera, air scrubber, and HEPA vacuum. If you remove the mold yourself, you may make mistakes resulting in the mold spreading more aggressively afterwards. A professional mold will not only kill the mold but also get rid of it once and for all. Dead mold can continue to release allergens into the air and affect the health of the people that breathe in the air.

Documentation of the Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation Company will document the mold problem by filming the affected area and snapping a few pictures. They can also document the mold problem in writing. Documentation is necessary for claiming your compensation from the insurance company. The documentation contains information about who is going to be responsible on the remediation, the estimated time that the work will be completed, and any testing that is to be carried out on the mold problem.

Cleaning Up the Mold

Mold remediation companies will follow the proper procedure when remediating mold contamination. There are 2 types of remediation – level 1 remediation is designed for remediation of small spaces up to 10 square feet while level 2 remediation is designed for remediation of bigger spaces of up to 30 square feet. The first part of the cleanup process is to repair the water problem. The next step is to isolate the area that is contaminated with the mold problem by closing doors and windows and covering openings with a polythene sheeting. Wet and moldy materials will be packed into plastic bags. They can use a dehumidifier to dry the materials.

The mold remediation team will use a wire brush to scrub all the moldy surfaces before cleaning with a damp cloth and detergent. They will also mop the floor with detergent solution. They will usually vacuum all surfaces with HEPA vacuum for level 2 remediation. The team will double-check the areas to ensure that there are no more visible signs of mold. Once the mold cleanup is complete, the homeowner can return to their home to reoccupy it. There should be no more complaints of health problems associated with the mold after the cleanup. There will be no moldier odor and the materials placed in the room will no longer show signs of mold damage.

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