Why choose a rental hot-steam cleaning machine


As one of the cheapest opts for home cleaning of carpets and rugs, you can easily rent a hot-steam cleaning machine and to do everything by yourself. It is cheaper than hiring a professional cleaning company with crews for every task while, in the meantime, you get a professional solution that is used by the professional cleaners. A rental machine is not that easy to use, especially if you use it for the first time. You need to ask the cleaning company for all the details and requirements when it comes to power supply, water consumption, steam temperature allowed, etc. Make sure to know how to use the hot-steam cleaning machine and most of all – make sure that the objects you want to clean with it are suitable for such a treatment. Read the labels on the backings of carpets, rugs and upholsteries, and try to avoid cleaning objects with natural or hand-knotted fibers. They are much more delicate to the hot steam and so there is a risk for discoloration and even burning the fibers. Nevertheless, a rental hot-steam cleaning machine is one of the best and cheapest choices for achieving professional results just by yourself. See why!

By using hot steam, the consumption of water becomes several times lower, compared to the water-cleaning machines. One you save from water and two, there is almost no waiting time for the objects to naturally dry. The steam-cleaning machine leaves completely dry and fluffy surfaces, which are ready to use.

The hot steam alone has the greatest degreasing effect. Even the strongest commercial detergent can`t beat the over 100 degrees Celsius hot steam, which is more than enough to eliminate all bacteria, microorganisms and pollens. The steam penetrates deep into the fibers and then it is soaked up together with the dislodged dirt to leave completely clean and fluffy fibers. This enormous amount of heat is enough to fine clean even the most soiled carpets and rugs, as well as make the areas that see the heaviest foot traffic to look like new. Another great advantage of some machines is that they have an adjustable heat and amount of the steam, therefore making them the perfect solutions for home cleaning of a variety of lighter objects with delicate surfaces from blankets, to curtains and reupholstered chairs.

Because the hot steam plays the major role as a degreasing agent, you don`t have to worry about the risk of breathing volatile chemical compounds, neither to open the windows and the doors for more fresh air. That`s why cleaning with a hot-steam machine is recommended if you have small kids or pets at home. The hot steam is also not so dangerous to the surrounding furnishings like a hot-water cleaning machine with its powerful sanitizing and deodorizing agents, which can cause loss of texture and may cause discoloration when in a contact with some woods and lacquered objects.

Finally, cleaning with a hot-steam machine saves you time and troubles. This machine cleans with the degreasing power of the hot steam and so you don`t have to rub and to use so much force like house cleaning of small spots with a towel. A large coverage saves you time and efforts, while in most cases only a couple gentle passes of the same area are enough to achieve brilliant results. There is no need for further treatment such as sanitizing or deodorizing. Yet if you want even fluffier fibers – you can finish the carpet cleaning with the vacuum cleaner to really pop-up the shine and color of the fibers.

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