Why Choose a Designer Radiator


Old radiators can be sort of off-putting and can really spoil the appearance of a room, which can be especially frustrating for those looking to redesign or transition a room into something more modern, as there is essentially no way to enhance the look of an old radiator.

Modern Radiators

An alternative would be to upgrade your radiator by totally replacing it. Designer radiators allow you to choose from an extremely flexible selection of horizontal, vertical, flat-panel, and bespoke radiators that serve more than just a functional purpose.

Key Characteristics and Their Benefits

The professionals at The Designer Radiator Company strive to provide you with a solution to your design needs without compromising functionality. Consider the following benefits:

  • With vertical and horizontal options, you can strategically place a radiator in a room and more easily arrange furniture in the room.
  • Flat-panel designs add to a room, improving it aesthetically by looking sleek and minimalistic. The greater surface area may also increase heat output and decrease energy consumption.
  • Different colour and finish options are available for complete customisation.
  • Bespoke designs introduce additional functionality, such as towel racks or mirrors that can either be built into the radiator design or added on as an accessory.
  • Other designs may be able to completely disguise your radiator by easily fitting into the room as a wall decoration.
  • Choose from an extensive supply of bespoke radiators or introduce your own design.

Rather than tailor your room to the radiator, you can start tailoring the radiator to your room by choosing from bespoke designer radiators.

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