Which Flooring Material Is Right For Your Kitchen


The countertops are ordered, the cabinets are installed, what’s left in your kitchen remodel? Look down! Don’t forget about upgrading your kitchen floor if you’re in the middle of a renovation. Which flooring material should you choose for your home? Take a look at the pros and cons of each:


If you want to create a warm, rustic vibe in your kitchen, there’s no better flooring choice than hardwood. Wood is durable and will withstand the constant foot traffic that often comes with a kitchen. There are so many different widths, stains and colors of wood, that you won’t have any trouble finding one to match the feel of your kitchen’s style. However, wood does need to be refinished from time to time and it is not that resistant to liquid. If you spill a glass of juice on your wood floor, you’ll have to clean it up right away to avoid damage.


This flooring used to be thought of as the cheap but unattractive alternative to pricey natural stones. However, now vinyl is offered in a wide variety of colors and designs, some that even mimic the appearance of expensive natural stones. This flooring material is comfortable to walk on and inexpensive to fix if it’s ever damaged. However, sharp objects can easily tear into vinyl floors and the color is prone to fading when exposed to natural light. If you have big windows that let the sun stream into your kitchen, you may want to rethink vinyl floors.

Ceramic Tile

This flooring material is incredibly easy to clean, so if you have messy kids who are constantly spilling drinks, dropping food and coming in with muddy footprints, you don’t have to worry with ceramic tile. It’s also one of the most inexpensive options for kitchen floors and can be customized to create unique tile patterns that no one else will have on their floors. However, ceramic tile is much harder than other floors so if you drop a glass or plate, it will almost always shatter. The hardness of this material can make tile uncomfortable for people who love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking or bonding with friends and family members. If you do decide on ceramic tile, be sure to lay down mats so your feet have a little cushion.


This natural stone has a wide variety of colors and styles, so you have tons of options to choose from with this flooring material. It’s also incredibly easy to install, so you won’t have trouble finding someone who is skilled enough to do it for you. However, travertine is porous, which means liquids, dirt and debris can easily make their way underneath the surface of the stone. If you don’t have the time to constantly clean the kitchen floors, then it may be wise to choose another natural stone instead of travertine.

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