Which Countertops in Ottawa to choose – Granite or Quartz? Here is a simple comparsion


When you visit any store for buying the Countertops in Ottawa, then the most common and durable ones will be in Quartz and in Granite. There are also many best companies like Capital Stoneworks Quartz and Granite. Both these countertops can add beauty to your kitchen and hence it is getting really difficult for the people to decide on which one is going to be the best option for them. If you are also in sucg comfusing situation and trying to find out the best solution for the problem, then you should continue reading this article. There is a lot of information which is going to help you take a decision. Here is a small comparsion of both of these.

The material Quartz is usually found in the crust of the earth and Granite is a rock which is a combination of Quartz and many other materials.

When you compare these two materials in terms of stains, then you can see that Quartz Ottawa are much stain resistant than the granite ones. You will need to take a lot of care about the Granite materials. If you are looking for amazing designs and colors for your countertops, then it is always a good option to go with the Granite, than opting for the Quartz ones. You will be able to get different options to choose in Granite when compared to the Quartz.

Coming to very important comparsion and that is durability. You will be able to see some cracks when a pan or any utensil slips from the hand by mistake. In that case, you can see that the Quartz countertops are very durable and strong as well. Their life is high compared to the Granites. If you look at the maintenance part, then for Granite you will need to show some extra care. But when you are using Quartz, then the maintenance part is very less as you will be able to clean it with any cleaner. You will need specific solutions for the cleaning purpose.

When you think about the repairs, you should understand that both these materials repair is going to cost you a little high and hence you need to be very careful.

So, now when it comes to taking a final decision whether to buy a Quartz or a Granite countertop, you will have to decide it based on your budget. That means, these two are a bit expensive compared to many other types of kitchen countertops available in the market. But when you plan it completely and in the right way, then you will be able to get them in your budget. So, talk to the interior designers as well as they are having a lot experience in designing things for many people. So, taking their help can be really helpful for you.

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