Which Conservatory Style Should You Add to Your Home?


A conservatory can make a great addition to your family home. It creates a beautiful location where you can sit, relax, and enjoy nature without sitting out in the hot sun. You can even enjoy the sights of the great outdoors during a cold rainy day. Conservatories can add more value to your home and provide you with a great place to entertain guests. There are several different types of conservatory styles for you to choose from and it is a good idea to learn a little about each style and decide which you like best before you hire a contractor for the job.

The Elegant and Timeless Victorian Style

When you are considering conservatory installation in Yorkshire and hope to add an elegant touch to your home, you may want to choose the Victorian style. This is one of the most frequently used conservatory styles of all. It is known by its traditional elevation in the front and is usually made with either three or five facets. Most Victorian styles also feature ornate detailing on the centre area of the roof.

The Edwardian Look Can Add Class to Your Home

Also commonly known as the Georgian style, the Edwardian is very similar to the Victorian conservatory style as it features a high-rise roof. The main difference between the two is that an Edwardian-style conservatory has a more rectangular look that allows users to make the most of the large space inside.

The Lean-to Conservatory Provides a Minimalist Look

These conservatories are typically rectangular-shaped and have a low pitch roof. They are a great choice for smaller homes or bungalows as they offer more space without adding too much unwanted flare to the building. They are also great for homes that have a height restriction. Lean-to conservatories are also commonly known as studio rooms, sunrooms, or Mediterranean rooms.

Gables Conservatories Have a Quaint, Elegant Style

A gables conservatory is known for its rectangular floor plan. The most common feature of these additions is the style of the front windows, which are elevated and extended to meet with the roof. This helps to improve the entrance of natural light and offers the homeowner more space inside. This is another good option for small houses that want the extra space but don’t want to add something too over the top.

You Can’t Go Wrong with the Combination Look

When you can’t decide which type of conservatory style you want for your home, you can always go with a combination of your two favourite styles. Combination conservatories allow you to have more flexibility with your additional space and allow you to have more room as well. You can adapt an existing conservatory that is already on your property or you may choose to have a combination style installed by professionals. It is a good idea to form these two styles into either a “P”, “B”, or a “T” shape for optimal aesthetic quality and space. Your local installation team will be able to help you figure out which conservatory style will work best for your home.

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