Which Bathroom Features to Install: Experts Answer


A bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your home interiors, but designing it is not an easy task. A bathroom has to be very functional and appealing. You will have to add lots of features to your bathroom design for this purpose. If you are not sure about which features to add, here is a list shared by experts:

01 of 05 Consider heated floors

This may not be one of the most common features you will find in most bathrooms, but it is surely an important one. You can find this mostly in other parts of the home interiors. However, many experts recommend installing heated floors in the bathroom as well if you have the budget for it. It will make the time spent in your bathroom more convenient. No one likes to stand on the cold tiled floors, especially during winter. The heated floor will keep your feet warm and give you a spa-like experience. This will surely allow you to feel more relaxed.

Although this feature will certainly increase your budget, it is an inexpensive addition to your bathroom design. The installation will not cost you a lot as well. Most people like this feature and feel that it is worth the investment.

02 of 05 Pay attention to lighting fixtures

You cannot install only one light in the bathroom and think that your bathroom lighting is complete. Lighting is a very crucial aspect that requires a lot of attention. The right lighting system will only illuminate every corner of your bathroom but also elevate its aesthetic beauty. Experts always recommend layering different lighting fixtures in your small bathroomidea. Layering simply means combining different types of lighting fixtures together. While ambient light will set the right ambiance, task light will allow you to perform all your tasks properly, and accent light will make a statement. In large bathroom designs, you can install a beautiful chandelier from the ceiling. Pendant lights are great for the vanity area so that you can see your face clearly. Do not forget to install a dimmer so that you can control the brightness level and set the mood accordingly.

Nightlight is also essential if you have the habit of going to the bathroom at night. A night light will illuminate the space without blinding you. There are many interesting nightlight ideas you can come up with for your bathroom. A popular bathroom night light idea is lighting the underside of a floating vanity. It will give your bathroom design a luxurious feel.

Making use of natural light is a brilliant idea. Keep a window open where sufficient natural light can enter inside. Another great idea is creating a skylight over the shower. It will make your bathroom design more elegant and inviting.

03 of 05 Do not forget about electrical outlets

Electrical outlets were not important in traditional bathrooms. However, you cannot forget about electrical outlets in a modern bathroom design. This is because there are plenty of electrical appliances used in the bathroom. These include your electric toothbrush, hair dryer, hair straightener, trimmer, etc. You will not be able to operate them without a power source. However, do not install them on the wall or anywhere open. It will increase the chances of water entering the socket and electrocuting you. Also, it can ruin your electrical appliance. Therefore, always look for hidden spaces, like inside your drawer or cabinet, where water cannot reach easily. It will also help to create a more seamless look for your bathroom design.

04 of 05 Create adequate storage

You can ignore a lot of things in your bathroom decor idea if it is small, but not the storage space. You cannot make a functional bathroom design without creating adequate storage. This is because there are plenty of items required in the bathroom. From your grooming products and appliances to cleaning supplies, you will have to store all the items in your bathroom. Otherwise, you will have to get out of the bathroom every time you need something. It will make using your bathroom very inconvenient.

By adding various storage options like drawers, cabinets, etc., you will be able to create sufficient storage space for all your bathroom essentials. Smart storage for your bathroom like soap holders and hooks can be installed for making use of space more efficiently and storing more items in the bathroom without occupying too much space.

05 of 05 Introduce natural materials

The materials you add to your bathroom design have a huge influence. Experts suggest choosing natural materials for the bathroom. This is because natural materials have an elegant feel that can make your bathroom more elegant and luxurious. Its simple yet subtle look will give your bathroom interiors a more calm vibe. You will feel relaxed and invited when you enter the bathroom. Therefore, it will wash away all your stress. There are lots of natural materials you can introduce to your bathroom design, like wood, stone, plants, etc.

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