Where to Find Flower Beds and Retaining Walls


So much of landscaping focuses on the types of grass you use for your lawn and the different types of materials that you can install. However, one of the most important aspects of any landscaping option is the actual physical brick and stone that you can choose from. When you are designing a quality garden with the help of landscapers, they will walk you through different types of brick and stone options. These options are incredibly important for the look as well as the function of your garden.

Brick and Stone

Brick and stone are important materials from a landscaping company in Lewisham.

  • With brick and stone, you can design a retaining wall. Retaining walls are useful because they enable you to create a multi-layered garden.
  • Flower beds can also be built into the yard or into the garden.
  • A flower bed makes it easier to grow vegetables and flowers because it is lifted off the ground; it will drain faster and you will have greater control over the soil quality.

Paving Stones

You can also use brick and stone to pave your garden. Paving your garden is useful for many different reasons. If you pave a walkway through your garden, you’ll be able to better control how your garden looks because people will be less likely to walk on your grass. Paving stones can also help keep weeds at bay, especially weeds around the edges of your lawn. There are many other uses for bricks and stones around the garden; ask a landscaper about them.

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