When Your Roof Needs Some Loving Care and Repair


Most of us go about our days at home without thinking too much about the roof over our heads but did you know that the roof takes a beating from the weather all year around? Being exposed to sun, rain, wind, and even snow, the typical roof does a great job of keeping the elements out but over time, this can damage the roof and cause plenty of problems.

Check Your Roof

The fact is that it is a good idea to get up at least onto your roof a few times a year and do a quick visual check for any problems. Cracked shingles, dislodged tiles, and even holes are all very common problems that can be a serious problem the longer they are left unfixed. All roofers in Yorkshire will tell you that what seem to be minor roof problems can have some serious consequences, including:

  • Leaks: These are one of the most common problems. When the roof is not sealed against the weather due to leaks, the rain and snow can get in. This can cause damage to structural timbers, insulation, and even electrical wiring over time.
  • Ceiling: When water pools on the ceiling, it can cause damage that can be seen from inside the home as black or dark circles.
  • Pests: When there are holes, cracks, and other entry points in the roof, all manner of pests can gain entry. The last thing that any homeowner wants is to have an insect, mouse, or rat infestation in his or her roof space.

When Your Roof Needs Some Care

Whether your home is old and in need of some serious roof restoration or you have noticed some leaking or other problems, always ensure that you call in the professional roofers for a quote and some advice.


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