When Would I Need an Emergency Plumber?


If you are new to home ownership and are wondering about emergency situations that you might have to encounter, there are a few plumbing scenarios that would require the services of an emergency plumber, which include the following:

  • Burst Water Pipe – The very worst plumbing nightmare, and should it occur in the upstairs toilet in the middle of the night, this is a time to call an emergency plumbing service in Plymouth, after you have turned off the water at the mains, that is. Clearing away furniture around the affected area will help the plumber, who should be with you in a matter of minutes rather than hours.
  • Blocked Drains – Another potential nightmare, you are not advised to tackle a blocked drain yourself, unless you happen to be a plumber. The expert drain unblocking specialist has both the tools and the know-how to identify and fix any blockage in your drainage system. He even uses CCTV to locate the problem area and after the drains are flushed and cleaned, he will provide you with a detailed report on the status of your drains.
  • Water Leak – It is often the case where a homeowner is not aware they have a water leakage and they only discover this when they see a rise in water use over a period of time. The first place to look is the upstairs ceilings and if they are OK, the leak might be under the ground in the garden, and if there is a patch of lawn that seems much greener than the rest, a leak is likely the cause. Rather than digging up half the garden, an emergency plumber would be able to locate the leak and carry out effective repairs.

Make sure you have a local emergency plumber’s number stored in your smartphone, just in case!

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