When Should You Hire a Level 2 Electrician in Sydney


Sydney is the biggest city in Australia and also the most recognisable, being the gateway to the country. More than five million people are living in the city, which is more than Perth and Brisbane combined. With almost two million public dwellings and over 73 private dwellings, Sydney is a major power consumer.  Sooner or later, people will need an electrician when they encounter some electrical problems.

However, not many people are aware that an electrician in Sydney has several levels, which speak of their capacity, as well as the authority to perform some tasks.

Before they become an electrician, they need to complete training and apprenticeship before they are allowed to apply for a license. First, they can enrol in a program to secure a Certificate II in Electrotechnology (UEE22011). After that, they will undergo an apprenticeship, which typically takes four years.

How is a Level 2 Electrician Different?

It is best to compare what the average electrician and a Level 2 Electrician do.

Level 1 Electrician — You call an electrician for repair or maintenance of the electrical system at your private dwelling or your office. When there is an electrical emergency, you can call them to make sure that you are safe. The electrician can also perform routine inspections or install a ground fault circuit interrupter or a circuit breaker.

Level 2 Electrician– Once they hone their skills and soak in the knowledge, they will undergo even more training to go to the next level. The Level 2 Electrician is authorised to take on underground and overhead electrical services.

When Should You Hire a Level 2 Electrician?

These types of professionals can handle the following jobs:

  1. Power supply — Whether underground or overhead, they are experts in the installation or repair of the power supply. It is why power utility companies only employ Level 2 Electricians to make sure the job is done right.
  2. Electric meters — In the same vein, the normal electrician is not allowed to touch the meter. The meter, which is owned by the power utility company, will monitor the power usage in your building.
  3. Disconnection and reconnection — The Level 2 electrician can disconnect and reconnect your power supply during emergencies or if the customers fail to pay the electric bill.
  4. Upgrade your electrical system — As you buy more appliances, you also have to upgrade your electrical system and power supply for maximum safety. You will short-circuit your systems if your power load is not enough to handle your needs. For private dwellings, they use a single-phase power supply as opposed to the 3-phase for industries and commercial establishments. If you need to shift from single-phase to 3-phase, then you contact a Level 2 electrician in Sydney.

By law, you are required to hire a Level 2 ASP professional when you are confronted with the electrical challenges outlined above. The difference between a Level 1 and Level 2 professional is that the latter typically works on more dangerous tasks. As such, they need a specific set of skills and training that can be acquired through training and apprenticeship.

Of course, it does not mean that you cannot hire a Level 2 Electrician for normal electrical services for your home or office. It does not hurt to hire an overqualified expert, which can only work to your advantage.

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