What to Consider Before Working with a Construction Team for a New Build


For most investors, finding a high-quality construction team to manage a new build can be challenging, getting the work done isn’t the hard part, the hard part is finding a reputable business who can meet deadlines and successfully manage a difficult project. Here are some factors to consider when looking for a quality construction team.

Potential Contractors

Choosing the right team can mean the difference between success and total failure, so it is vital to carefully consider your options and only work with a highly qualified, specialist team of builders. A large project requires a general contractor, or a specialist team of builders with multiple skill sets, it is best to avoid hiring numerous subcontractors as the job can get very messy, choose a company who can manage the project from start to finish without having to constantly seek consultation for numerous tasks. An experienced construction team such as Senate Mech, know how to complete a new build from start to finish without asking you to deal with subcontractors or other tradesmen.


Before you speak to a construction team, it is important to do some planning of your own and work out what exactly you want from the build. If you’re developing a new boutique hotel, or a leisure centre, you should have some idea of how many guest rooms you desire or how big your swimming pool will be. The more you know, the easier it will be when you speak to a construction team, if you’ve a rough plan of what you want, then you should have no issues communicating your requirements to a construction team.


As you interview potential contractors, you must ask about trade contractors, will the company you hire need to use several sub-contractors, or will they be able to get most of the work done alone. It is an important question to ask before you start the build, because having numerous sub-contractors on-site will have an impact on your project. If your project manager has no experience dealing with several different sub-contractors your development could suffer, they may not be able to handle a range of diverse personalities and having a major fall out may delay the build. In addition, it is imperative that you know who is working on-site and whether they are licenced or not.

Past Clients

Who have they worked with before? Are they comfortable with providing you with a list of past clients? These are important things to consider, a first-class construction company will have no issues supplying you with previous clients, they’ll be happy to show off their projects and have other customers vouch for their services and workmanship.

You must take multiple factors into consideration before hiring a construction team to manage your project, before you speak to anyone, it is advisable to draw up a checklist, so you know exactly what you need in your new development. You then have a rough plan of your project, and it allows you to communicate more effectively with your construction team.

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