What Kind Of Tools Does The Locksmith Have To Unlock Your Doors And Windows?


When a locksmith comes to your house or your place of business, they have a range of different tools that they have in order to complete the job. They make sure that all of their tools are in top condition at all times, which makes it much easier for them to do their jobs.

The better the tools, the sooner your problem will be fixed and you can carry on with the rest of your day without worrying that the problem is going to come back. You should compare lots of different locksmiths and ask about the kinds of tools that they are using. The layman might get confused by the different terminology that the locksmith, so it helps to know which tools are going to be used and for which purposes.

What kind of tools does the locksmith have to unlock your doors and windows?

Bump Key

The bump key is one of the most common types of tool that is used to pick the most basic locks by a locksmith in Bournemouth. This is something that is going to be in any self-respecting locksmith’s toolbag. You should ask the locksmith to show you the different bump keys that they use on a regular basis. The bump key works by

Key Cutting Kit

When you have snapped a key off in the lock, there is no chance that it can be put back together in order to work effectively again. This means that you are going to need to buy an entirely new key. However, this can be provided on the spot by the locksmith because they will have their own key cutting equipment in the van.

Some locksmiths will also offer this kind of key cutting as a free of charge service for people who are desperate to get back in their homes after there has been a mishap with the original key. You will not have to wait for the new key to arrive because the experienced locksmith will make sure that a quality key is going to be cut in a matter of minutes by a quality locksmith.

You can ask the locksmith to provide backup keys for every room in the house. You might want to buy these keys in a pot in the garden. Then you will not give away the position of the keys to anyone but your immediate family.

Lock Cutter

Sometimes locks are not going to budge, even after the locksmith has tried anything. The locksmith can use a pair of specialist lock cutters to make sure that the metal is completely removed and a new one can be put in place without anything else tuning into a mishap.

The lock cutter is not going to do any damage to the door or the window at all.


The shim is used by locksmiths to prise the door open without tampering with the locks at all.

There are lots of tools that a locksmith will use to help you.

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