What is Roughcasting and How Can it Benefit my home?


Roughcasting is a rough plaster that has aggregate premixed and this is rendered onto exterior walls to provide a protective layer. The aggregate used can vary in both size and colour, which give a range of varied finishes, and this is the perfect protection for the harsh Scottish climate, which is why it is a popular choice among Scottish homeowners.

Professional Application

There are, for example, affordable local roughcasting services in Ayr, where local experts apply the rendering that offers a high level of protection. Not only is roughcasting functional, it is very attractive, and for many homeowners, the aesthetics are the main reason for carrying out the work.

Range of Attractive Finishes

Using special trowels and hand tools, the roughcasting expert can create stunning finishes, and by using a mixture of coloured aggregate that is premixed into the plaster, you have a lot of design scope.

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