What Different Kinds of Wall Stickers Can I Use to Decorate My Home


Some of the different kinds of wall stickers and wall decals are those stickers that people make use of for borders. These are commonly seen placed on the edge of wallpaper to frame different types of artwork.

In the majority of cases, these kinds of stickers are usually of a somewhat contrasting style to the wallpaper. Various other sorts of wall stickers are those of the removable and reusable kind and those which have been made from stencil designs.

Easily to Adhere

Wall decals, are often known as wallies in a number of countries, and are a kind of home decoration which can may be utilised in different rooms of the home. Wall art of this kind is commonly manufactured from vinyl.

  • The user simply peels off the backing to uncover an adhesive that will easily stick to walls.
  • The majority of this kind of wall stickers are easy to wash by hand also.

Wallpaper Cut

What are known as wallpaper cut out decals are commonly made use of in places such as bathrooms and children’s rooms to add some vibrant colours to a home’s decor.

  • For children, various styles can include the likes of fairy-tale designs for a young girl’s room, as well as cartoon super heroes for a boy’s bedroom space.

The other kind of wall stickers are those which have been designed for a baby’s nursery.

Matters of Furnishings

Quite often, furniture or other furnishings can also be attractively decorated by way of a kind of wall sticker.

  • This type can be styled with patterns for children and for adults alike.
  • Wall decals can also be put to use on painted surfaces, wood, and glass.

Murals are One More Which Have a Lot More Detail.

Different kinds of wall stickers are not only limited to small cut out designs. The larger types which are commonly known as home wall murals are cool looking wall stickers which can cover a large area of wall.

These can come in one single display or two, three, or more sections. All are simple to apply, visually appealing and will not normally damage walls.


There is another kind of wall sticker which is reusable, meaning that they can be simply removed from a wall and applied elsewhere when desired and without losing any of their adhesive properties.

A number of these stickers are done in Art Deco designs, and are also popular in designs like blossoms, trees or bamboo and leaves.

Word Matters

Various other wall decor stickers will have sayings or quotes imprinted on them with a background design and are typically known as “expression decals”.

  • In some case, these stickers can indeed be customised with any personal sayings or other wished for messages.

And finally, alphabet wall stickers are yet another sort of popular wall graphic that you will see used in homes or offices. Make sure to get yours from a top quality and affordable company.

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