What Different Kinds of Padlocks Can I Use with a Chain to Secure My Bicycle


Padlocks are a cost effective, portable way to secure private or valuable items, at home or elsewhere, (and yes, even in your place of study or work). They are simply very handy and easy to use, yet an outstanding deterrent to even the most determined of thieves. There are a number of different designs and styles to choose from, which will depend upon the type of security it is that you require.

Mostly made from solid or alloyed steel, heavy-duty padlocks are built to withstand a high level of brute force. And while brass is an excellent material for resisting many weather conditions and rust, it is a somewhat softer metal that may not withstand heavy duty prying or cutting as well as harder steel. Modern steel or alloy padlocks can be covered with specially fitted plastic casings to help protect them from the elements and there are great security chains can deter any wannabe bicycle or motorcycle thieves.

Locking Mechanism Construction

Apart from the differences in the materials used to manufacture padlocks, there are some differences in the construction of locking mechanisms. Combination padlocks are attainable with a dial design, or a thumb-rolled number pad on the side or the bottom of the lock. You can also choose combination padlocks that are already fixed with a combination, or ones that let you choose your very own numbers. The latter is usually re-settable, which means that you can change the combination when you so wish.

What are known as keyed padlocks, have the same basic design structure as a combination lock. They feature a shackle, the hooked part at the top that slides through a chain or a clasp before sliding into the body of the lock to make it secure, and a base. Keyed locks normally have a keyhole at the bottom of the base instead of a dial or digital number pad and are faster to open and close. They come with two or sometimes three keys so the others can be placed in a safe location in case the one is misplaced or lost, or one can be given to somebody else who is allowed access to the locked area or item.

A Combination of Both

Combination padlocks that also include key access are ideal for children who wish to lock their lockers at school or chain and lock their bicycles. Should they somehow forget the combination, they can simply use the key. Remember that It is always a good idea to jot down the combination in a safe and memorable place at home and keep it with the extra key.

There are some companies that manufacture padlocks in nice bright colours and trendy finishes that are appealing to children, who like the option of different choices. But oddly enough these stylish padlocks have also become attractive to adults and best sellers to children and adults alike!

Remember that a strong lock with a sturdy security chain will keep those with bad intentions away from your two wheeled friends!

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