What are the Various Kinds of Drainage Systems


Water damage easily can do some serious damage to most buildings, which is precisely why a good drainage system is necessary in practically all types of buildings which use water.

It matters not if the water originates from inside a building or comes from the surrounding landscape, it generally should be drained as soon as possible.

Drainage equipment can commonly be divided into two types.

  1. Firstly, there are the elements of a drainage system, which concern to such items such as pipes or septic tanks.
  2. Secondly, there is a wide range of various products that assist in the installation, repair, and caretaking of any type of drainage system.
  3. Some sorts of drainage equipment are only professionally utilised by drainage professionals whose job it is to deal with blocked drains in Gravesend, whilst other kinds may be available to any homeowner who wishes to try and find an answer to any drainage problems they may be having.

Flooding and Clogged Pipes

The term “drainage” by itself, commonly refers to the unnatural and enforced removal of water from somewhere. Drainage apparatus can assist with moisture control, helping to remove excess rainwater, or relieving any water damage.

Unwished for build-ups of water can frequently create problems such as flooding or clogged up pipes. This then further leads to outcomes like damage to the foundation of a building or in other cases curtailing the expected yield of crops on farmland. Professional drainage equipment will definitely help in creating solutions for any drainage problems.

More about Pipes

As you will already know, the most well-known kind of drainage apparatus are pipes, which are all well used on a daily basis to redistribute water from anywhere that has drainage problems as in flooding. Most of the drainage pipes found in our homes and gardens nowadays are manufactured from PVC plastic.

These kinds of pipes are put down into trenches in the surrounding landscape for the intention of moving water away to an area that will not create any damage to property. Quite often copper drainage pipes can be found in some homes and are seen as a better method for drainage due to them being non corrosive.


Different kinds of equipment are used for the caring and cleaning of drains, such as differing kinds of pumping systems that can help clean out clogged drainage pipes. Other kinds of drainage apparatus is used particularly for the cleaning of certain pipes that move waste. For instance, a plumbers snake is a type of device that is used to try to unblock drainage pipes in kitchens or bathrooms, or elsewhere in the home where water is used.

Nowadays the latest tech in draining equipment involves the use of specially designed cameras that can be placed inside of pipes. This gives a professional drainage expert the ability to examine the flow of water and check for any pipe damage.

Things have come and are going in amazing ways when it comes to methods of expert drainage solutions!

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