What Are the Features of Hydronic Heating System?


During winter, proper heating system is necessary for your home and if you are using electrical or gas heating system, then you have to spend lot of amount as energy consumption expenses. Along with that, these heating systems are not competent for your home heating and they are also very harmful for your health. Hydronic radiant heating can be the best option to keep your home warm during the cold winter season. It is a smart residential heating option that lowers the energy cost and does not react with environment thus keeping the environment safe.

How does a Hydronic heating system work?

The term hydronic heating has become quite popular over the years. The hot water or another heated liquid is circulated evenly through loops of plastic pipes throughout the home. These pipes are installed under the surface of the floor, and hot water gets circulated through these pipes, and the heat gets transformed to the surface and your room becomes hot within few minutes. Your home will get warm up in a consistent manner the water is circulated evenly throughout your home. A steady heat is radiated from the floor to the entire room. Now it’s time to bid goodbye to the cold tile floors.

Why the Hydronic heating system is effective for your home?

If you are a novice and is inquisitive to know the importance of hydronic heating system, then it is essential to know and understand the process of heat transfer. The heat transfer takes place in three ways.

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  • The heat is transferred by convection, conduction, and radiation. The radiant heating is outstanding in keeping your home warm and giving a comfortable environment to the inmates of the house.
  • The boiler uses the conduction to heat up the water in the fastest possible manner.
  • The water or liquid is evenly circulated throughout the room and heats up the concrete or tile floor through conduction and radiates heat in the room.
  • As a result, every solid object in the room and the floor radiates comfortable temperature, thus making you and other family members feel much warmer even the outside temperature is chilling.

The basic equipment

After you get the knowledge how useful is the hydronic heating system, you must be aware of the necessary equipment required to warm your home. The important material of any hydronic system is the boiler that heats up the liquid. The heating system should come with a liquid medium and the thermostat and plumbing manifold. The next important element is tubes that carry water throughout the home and making your room comfortable. Significant equipment that must be present in every hydronic system is the heat exchanger and the pump.

Benefits of radiant heating

  • There are several advantages of the radiant heating system, and this is the reason people across the globe are more inclined towards hydronic heating.
  • This type of heating system make your house warm without any noise; that is it has no operating noise and silence prevail while the room becomes comfortable.
  • It is indeed difficult to walk bare feet on floors during the winter months. But with the radiant flooring, you can walk comfortably bare feet on the floors.
  • Balanced humidity level is maintained in the entire house with hydronic radiant heat.

There are certain things you need to consider while choosing the hydronic heating. The first thing to look for is how the boiler is powered; that is if it runs on gas or electric. Check the running cost. You can stay assured to get the best comfortable environment in your home. It is highly efficient, and energy consumption is low. However, you must purchase a branded boiler if you want to get the best advantages of Hydronic heating.

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