What are the advantages and the importance of office lockers


Office lockers are usually made of steel which is high grade and which is strong enough to withstand a busy environment. These come in various colors, designs and shapes. They also come in a variety of sizes to suit all kinds of commercial needs.

Based on the client’s needs these lockers are either tailor-made or are procured in standard sizes. These lockers can come with air vents, 5 knuckle hinges, standard micro sprung locks, welded front frames as well as strengtheners for the internal door. There are different kinds of locks which are optional and can be added to these. These locks include coin return and retaining ones, the combination locks which are 3 or 4 digit combinations or even digital combination locks. In addition to this, the lockers can also be coated with an active antibacterial coating. This prevents harmful bacteria and MRSA. This is especially useful when various employees share the same locker.

Office lockers are needed as offices tend to get cluttered. Even the best working space which is designed becomes chaotic. If the office needs to be kept in order, it is important that the storage needs to be carefully considered. When investing in storage systems like in filing cabinets as well as in shelves, office lockers should also be considered.

Lockers provide the personnel with secure and convenient areas where they can store their coats, bags as well as other items and so the working area is more tidy. The lockers can be kept out of the main office as well. This can be kept near the entrance or in the staff room. These enhance the look and feel of the office.

When the lockers are installed, there is an increase in productivity as there is less mess and people are able to go about their normal duties without obstacles. When phones are mandatorily kept in the lockers, personnel do not waste time in answering and making personal calls or checking their personal messages during productive hours.

It helps to boost security as equipment cannot be stolen as the personnel have their bags and possessions which are not in the production area but at the entrance and so cannot carry out any equipment or supplies. At the same time their own personal belongings cannot be pilfered with by anyone.

It is the right choice as it makes use of more square footage since the lockers are piled one on top of the other. It also prevents clogging up of the desk as well as the desk drawers.

Lockers are especially useful in places where the employees need to change into uniforms and thus need a secure place to store their clothes and belongings while they are on duty.

Some offices have gyms and these compartments store the shoes, towels, clothing, gym bag and more. There are also storage lockers which help in organizing of items and storing these items. This way space is saved and clutter is reduced.

The documents which are confidential as well as files which are confidential are also to be stored in lockers. These efficiently ensure these are maintained and it ensures security as well. It gives the entire office a very systemized look and it helps in easy location of documents and files.

The lockers can be matched with the other decor and so it complements the walls as well as the other furniture in the room. These lockers are very cost effective when their functions and uses as well as advantages are taken into consideration.

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