What Are My Options for Creating a Patio?


If you are contemplating creating a patio adjoining the rear of your property, there are many options with both materials and design. If you were to talk to an affordable patios company in Retford, they would offer you the following material choices:

  • Block Paving
  • Natural Stone Slabs
  • Traditional Paving
  • Poured Concrete

There are pros and cons with all of the above, and while natural stone is impressive, marble or travertine would be in the upper price bracket, whereas block paving is both affordable and very appealing.

Know your Budget

Once you have decided on your budget, the patio specialist has something to work with, and he can generally meet your financial limitations. You would obviously like some retaining walls and edging stones to finish off the terrace, and with a little creative thought, you can create a main feature of the garden, and a great area for family rest and recreation.

A Solid Foundation

This is essential, and the installation team would excavate at least 10 inches of topsoil to accommodate a hardcore base, which should be rolled into shape. Then comes a bed of sand, onto which the final material is laid, which gives you a solid base, which will ensure your terrace will stand the test of time.

Slight Incline

Your terrace would be slightly sloping away from the home, which helps water to drain away, and with tailored steps leading to and from the patio, you always have convenient access. If you decide on natural stone, there are some amazing designs with granite, marble and travertine, while block paving offers stunning patterns and designs.

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