What actually is a French door and why is it Considered Classy


What is known as a “French door” can add a touch of style and good looks to anyone’s home, especially when combined with double or triple glazed windows. These doors feature multiple small windows, – which are often referred to as “lights” – set into the full length of the door. Due to these lights, they are occasionally known as French windows. If used internally, a French door provides only a minimal amount of privacy, so naturally their whole purpose is to look decorative in nature. Nonetheless, externally they are a favourable and increasingly popular choice with people who are looking for methods of bringing more natural light into their homes.

A divided lite French door is the name given to the classic and long established type and constructed from many panes of glass. They also have something known as “mullions”, or decorative structural elements designed to divide adjacent window panes.

On the Inside and the Outside

Exterior doors done in a French style are different from traditional French doors because they are often made of double-pane glass to provide improved insulation and you should get in touch with expert door installers in Pinner that can recommend the best style for your home. These doors usually have a decorative grille embedded between the panes, even though some have grilles that are superimposed over a single pane of glass. Exterior door types can be a one-piece solid door or sliding doors, depending upon the homeowner’s wishes and the intended use.

There are a number of reasons as to why you might consider fitting French doors in your home. Should you be thinking of using them as patio doors, they will definitely help in drawing attention to a beautiful manicured garden or even just a perfectly landscaped lawn. If for interior use, the doors can assist in giving rooms a cheerful, ethereal and airy look while providing a great visual bridge between two adjacent rooms. There are some cases, whereas a French door may even be fixed into place to act as an alternative for an interior wall.

Not Expensive Anymore

At one time the price of French doors was a lot higher than that of other kinds of doors, but nowadays the prices have dropped considerably and is one of the reasons they have become so popular on the exterior of many homes. Because they have an association with an “upscale” and “classy” appearance, they will always boost the home’s value or curb appeal should the home go up for sale at some later date. In this respect they are positively regarded as a wise investment and all part of their appeal.

French doors can certainly provide a beautiful and somewhat sophisticated look for a home, and nowadays are made soldier than ever. With the use of double or triple glazing, you will also have the benefit of lower heating bills and a unique toughness, which makes them ideal for repelling bad natured people, such as burglars.

Make your house look that much more aesthetically enhanced with some beautiful French doors!

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