Whacky birthday gifts for your girlfriend


A relationship is perfect when two are best friends with each other. Both want to make each other feel special every time. But it becomes difficult to think of a unique and special surprise every single time. Be it your partner’s birthday, Valentine’s Day or anniversary, so many occasions arrive with a situation to think of something new. Is your girlfriend’s birthday coming and you are confused about what to gift her and how to bring a big smile on her face? Worry not, we’re here to help you. Here are some of the funny gifts you can gift her and literally make her laugh! :

  1. Butt Station pen holder

      Yes you read it right. It’s a pen holder which holds your office supplies like tapes, pens, business cards or sticky notes in a very funny way. Is your girlfriend working? If yes, then there you go! Gift her this cute, funny pen holder so that it adds laughs to her boring and busy routine every time she sees it.

  1. Toilet Coffee Mug

      And again you read it right. This is not an ordinary mug, it’s a coffee mug with the shape of a toilet seat. The piping under the toilet tank is the handle and the bowl of the toilet holds your coffee. Give it a try, maybe it brings a smile on your girlfriend’s face while having her morning cup of coffee!

  1. Zombie attack guide

      Does your girlfriend gets scared when told a ghost story or watches a horror film? If yes, then this is the perfect gift for her. Maybe this won’t be a funny gift for her, but it might be the one for you. This is a book which contains all the tips and tricks to survive when zombies attack.

  1. Excuse Ball

      Tired of suggesting excuses to your girlfriend to be given to her parents every time you want to go out with her and her parents don’t allow? This one is a gift for you actually. It’s a ball which suggests excuses every time you want them with just a shake. Instant solution to every problem with a speed!

  1. Camera Lens Mug

      Does your girlfriend love doing photography? Here’s a cute gift for her which can make her feel happy. This is a coffee mug in a shape of a camera lens. This counts under unique gifts that no one can ever imagine.

  1. A ceiling fan

      This one is for all those short tempered girlfriends. Gift her a branded and the best ceiling fan in the market with a reason to keep her calm and cool. But do it at your own risk! She might get angry as she is short tempered.

  1. F in exams

      F here means ‘fail’. This is a book which contains the funniest answers of all times given on exams. It is full of humour and fun.

      There you go! Gifts like clothes, accessories, shoes, fragrances etc. are so boring and not so exciting nowadays, gift these cool and whacky gifts to your girlfriend on her birthday and watch her go crazy, laughing hard and this is how you can make her day.

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