Want to get your Samsung appliances fixed? UrbanClap comes with a perfect solution


My office colleagues and I shifted to our new flat in the Hi-Tech City of Gurgaon. Given the intensity of summer heat here, we decided to bring an AC in our flat. We were on a tight budget, so we decided to buy a second-hand Samsung AC. We knew the risks of warranty and reliability, but given no choice, we decided to go for it. We bought a second-hand Samsung 1.5ton AR18 split AC from a reliable source. It worked fine for a week, and all of a sudden, it started malfunctioning. We called up the source from whom we had bought our AC, but he refused to help us in any way. In desperation, we decided to hire local professionals and started searching for good Samsung AC service in Gurgaon.

But we found out soon enough that most of the professionals we contacted did not repair this particular Samsung AC model, while others were based far away from our flat. We were really troubled by this situation and had to do something soon.

How UrbanClap became our savior?

We then came across UrbanClap ad on YouTube and thought of giving it a try. Idownload the app from Google Play Store registered myself as an active user. Post registration, we searched for the best Samsung AC service in Gurgaon. We were asked about the type of AC we had, we chose window AC. The app also enquired for the number of ACs which required servicing. We were then presented with a list of repair and servicing options for our AC like full repair, servicing and installation of a new unit or uninstallation of any current AC unit. All of these service types had a fixed rate.

Selecting the required services, we were then asked to fill in our address and locality. Lastly, we were redirected to the payment option where we could pay the entire sum amount via credit/debit card, net banking or choose to pay the amount after the service was done. We decided to pay after the service was done. We were notified of our request and were asked to wait. After a few hours, we received a notification of the professional who would be coming to our doorsteps to repair our AC. He was Mr. TejPratap, who lived close to Hi-Tech City.

We finally found the right professional for our AC

We were happy to see that Mr. TejPratap was promptly on time. He was extremely polite and professional in his behavior. Without wasting any time, he started taking a look at our AC. He was able to guess the problem very soon and reassured us that he would do everything in his power to fix it.

Since the AC was an older model, finding the right parts was difficult. Mr. TejPratap had to make quite a few trips to his shop and back again. It took him about five hours to fix the AC, and we all took a sigh of relief in the cool air of our Samsung AC. In the end, we paid Mr. TejPratap the sum total which we were presented at the time of booking.

But since he had worked extra hard and had to rush to his shop for quite a lot, all my flatmates and I wanted to add extra money for his work. But he politely refused our money and gave us his card. Mr. TejPratap also reaffirmed us that he would fix the AC for free if the problem persisted even after the repair.

Why do we recommend UrbanClap?

It has been about two months since our AC was fixed, and we have faced no problems to date. I would heartily like to thank Mr. TejPratap for his tremendous hard work, professionalism, and humility and give him a full 5-star. He is highly recommended to anyone looking for repair services in Gurgaon.I would also like to thank the entire UrbanClap team for providing such an online platform where one can easily hire reliable and professional blue-collar workers. The app is also user-friendly, with emphasis on the easy learning curve of the app.

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