Venetian Polished Plaster – For Impressively Finished Beautiful Walls


Venetian Plaster or polished plaster is one of the best option for decorating the interior and exterior without spending too much. This decorative plaster is made by cooking limestone in ovens at a temperature ranging between 850-1300 degrees Celsius, producing quicklime and after this in next step, it forms milk of lime. After this mixture is left for maturing and this process is called hydration. The result is lime putty or polished plaster. After that it is mixed with marble dust and coloured pigment, then it has been applied in a variety of ways to produce elegantly finished walls.

Venice, Italy still has some fine examples of polished plastering. This technique is having many benefits over the dry walls. One of the biggest benefits is its versatility, as you can apply it to any type of new surface or pre-existing wall.  It is safe to use for wood, bricks and dry walls.  Its multipurpose nature makes it quite flexible to use.  You can use this easiest finishing treatment for complex surfaces such as entrances, columns, balusters, and uneven walls. For applying this marble finish, you do not need to give any kind of renovation to your walls.  The skilled worker will simply apply the plaster and create a finish according to your specification.

Another benefit of polished plaster is its durable nature. If you use low-quality paint, your wall design could fade after several months impacting the visual value of the property. Polished plastering however, done by a different kind of material. This plaster is very durable in nature and it is long lasting. When dries this plaster turns into a marble-like hard surface. It has the capability to withstand impact and slight movements. In the case of slight cracks, you can easily repair it by using a small amount of plaster coating.

Polished plastering is very easy to maintain because, after drying, you can easily clean the surface.  You also get rid of regular painting as this wall has their own pigment. If you want to change the colour scheme of a room, you can easily do it by applying a new coat of paint over the plaster finish. This Italian decorative plaster’s most distinctive characteristics are its mineral composition providing excellent breathability in the walls. The water repelling properties of this plaster provides durability to walls and prevents it from the attack of fungus. This wonderful quality makes it suitable to use in areas of high water contact.

Lastly, this plaster is one of the most environment-friendly and healthiest wall treatment options for you.  This covering has the ability to pass air. This prevents moisture from accumulating on the wall surface. Make your home free from fungus and other growth. This is the reason why these elegant plaster finishes are considered suitable for bathrooms, kitchen, and outdoor patios. This plaster is versatile, durable affordable and environmentally safe. Thus, making it a good option for decorating interiors and exteriors of your place. Being ecological in nature, it gives a healthy living atmosphere to you and your family.

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