Try These Budget Friendly Home Decorating Ideas


An undecorated home is fine to live in or at least to survive, but it isn’t so fun to thrive in. Not everybody has the extra funds to hire a professional interior designer and decorating service to come in and do a super amazing HGTV sort of job. However, there are so many things you can do at minimal cost to spruce up design and decoration in the home.


Placing paintings around the home is a wonderful way to affordable color coordinate and also to set a tone. Many nice painting prints are available both online and in stores. They look just like real paintings when they are framed. You can get great DIY self-framing kits for all sorts of prints if you do a simple search online. You can also make your own art and hang that up.

You can even go a step further, cheaper and present a wow factor. Here is the trick: You get big, blank canvases from an art store, cheap acrylic paint from the hardware store or a craft store, and you paint the canvases in single color tones and place them on the walls. You would be surprised how this opens up a space. All you have to do is color the canvas, you don’t have to be Monet or Picasso. In fact, you could do ten of them in an hour or two and they would be dry in four hours if you use acrylic paint. Try using multiple different sizes of canvases.

Side Furniture

Now there are plenty of stores which supply inexpensive end tables, coffee tables, shelves, small drawer sets and chests, and much more side furniture you can add to a room. Get a couple of decent side tables with some shelves and spaces. Place an inexpensive lamp with a nicely colored shade on the table and decorate the shelf with books, and simple objects, and maybe even nice, happy pictures.

Make sure the side furniture is functional! Pretty is fine, but you are on a budget so you need to make the most of your space and part of keeping up your décor is to keep things neat. If your side furniture has drawers and cabinets, it is a great way to organize and hide clutter which would otherwise make the home look messy.

Natural Objects

This is one of the best Budget friendly home decorating ideas ever: Use natural found objects as decorative pieces. Indeed, things like shells, rocks, driftwood, and ornamental plants make the best decorations because they are unique and alive… or at least part of natural life. So, instead of a Tiffany lamp, you may have a beautiful Nautilus shell or Conch shell. Vine plants and flowering cacti also make fantastic accents and are easy to maintain.

All this takes is a couple of hours exploring a beach or forest near a beach. So many fantastic things will float up from the sea and you can use them as free decorations. They can be hung on the walls like collections of sand dollars and starfish, for example.

The ideas go on and on. There is no need to break the bank to have a beautiful home.

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