Tree Health: Spotting the Warning Signs of a Dangerous Tree


You’d be surprised at how many people get injured and how much property gets damaged each year by falling trees. Here are some things to look out for when assessing your trees.

Inspecting the Entire Tree

The best way to evaluate the health of your tree is to do a thorough inspection, that means looking at it up close, and from a distance. You’ll only notice if the tree is leaning one direction if you examine it from a point where you can see the entire tree. Here are some things to look for when inspecting a tree.

  • Is it leaning to one side?
  • Can you see dead branches hanging from it?
  • Have you noticed any areas where leaves aren’t growing?
  • Are there sections of the tree where leaves have fallen off prematurely?

Focus on the Ground

After you’ve checked the tree from a distance, focus your attention on a ground inspection. A tree is held up and fed by its roots, if something is affecting them, the tree will show signs of it. Diagnosing an issue with the roots is nearly impossible if you aren’t a professional, if your tree is rotten and you need the best tree removal services in Kent, you’ll find quality tree surgeons in the area.

Additional Signs

  • Check the trunk for cracks or cavities.
  • Inspect the canopy for dead wood.

To get the very best care for you tree, it is important to reach out to a local tree surgeon to schedule a thorough inspection.

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