Touch up your decking up this summer like Titchmarsh would!


The basic steps for any gardening enthusiast this summer are firstly, to make sure that your decking isn’t looking shabby for when your other half invites of the world around for a drink or even for your own relaxation, when you want to sit on the deck and catch some rays or stargaze. To make your life a little easier, you can stay on top of it this summer by ticking off these simple steps.

Give it a wash

One of the best remedies for revamping your garden quickly is to get a high pressured hose and blast off any unwanted debris from your garden furniture or decking that has fallen from the sky over the colder months! You can be surprised how much a quick wash can do wonders for tidying up for your garden.

Check it’s safe!

Sometimes decking needs a little TLC and this can be easily done by replacing the wood or posts which make up the structure of it. This would definitely help to avoid a lot of unnecessary accidents if it were to break.

Paint and stain

For any part of the decking which has suffered from flaking paint or faded wood due to the harsh weather and general wear and tear – a quick and cheap solution is to repaint or stain the wood again. The effects can be brilliant and dramatically make your decking the best feature of your garden. If you’re unsure of how to stain wood, there is an easy Wikihow how to guide available online!

Light it up

There are not many things in the world which can’t be improved with a little sparkle and outdoor lighting on decking does not escape this rule of thumb! Why not look around for some cute fairy lights to hang around your decking or in the garden’s shrubs? It’s a great way to create a welcoming ambiance where people feel chilled and can enjoy socialising. Or there are big floor lanterns you could place on your decking too, these always add a touch of sophistication and escapism.

Put your feet up

The most important part of having a decking is to be able to enjoy it, and therefore investing in an inviting seating collection to have on your decking would be a wonderful addition this summer. There are now so many different styles of outdoor furniture available, from sun loungers to dining sets there is something for everybody.

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