Top Reasons to Consider Roller Shutter Installation


In the past, roller shutters were installed primarily on industrial and commercial properties. Bulky and often unattractive, the only thing such properties utilised them for was to increase security. However, new techniques and modern designs completely changed the look and feel of roller shutters without decreasing their original purpose. Today’s shutters afford homeowners a stylish and practical solution for their homes, especially if they plan to enjoy a number of benefits after installation. At the end of the day, people all over Australia found that roller shutters changed everything they believed to be true about window shutters and made life at home more comfortable on several levels.


Although most homeowners want to believe their security measures are enough to keep out would-be burglars, the number of homes broken into last year did not diminish with the coming of the new year. Instead, clever homeowners decided to take their security up to another level and considered Perth shutters as their next and most cost-effective solution to home security.

Although much lighter and less bulky than previous models used on commercial properties, roller shutters still provided thousands of homeowners with an additional measure of security. Simply by looking at photographs of these shutters in use, homeowners could get a realistic idea of just how secure these installations made a home. Even when closed, these shutters appeared beautiful and modern while providing an active deterrent to potential burglars. The simple existence of roller shutters reduced a home’s chance of burglary by more than 30%.

Thermal Insulation

Today’s modern shutters provided homeowners with excellent thermal insulation. With a record-breaking heatwave making its way across the continent, Australians need every layer of protection that they can find to keep the sun out of their homes. Simply lowering their shutters allowed homeowners to completely block all UV radiation and keep their homes cooler. Not only did their HVAC systems need to do less work to keep the homes cooler but they effectively reduced their monthly energy bills. In cooler weather, they could also help prevent heat from escaping.

Noise Pollution

Most roller shutters provided to homeowners some sound insulation and there are even some designed specifically to dampen noise to a more tolerable and even almost inaudible level. These provided homeowners near urban areas with high populations the chance to enjoy the same peace and quiet homeowners living in rural areas enjoyed. No matter if they lived next to busy roads, schools, or any other noisy locations, relaxing at home with a warm cup of tea suddenly became more peaceful.

Ease of Use

Depending on budget and personal taste, roller shutters provided excellent ease of use for homeowners. Even the simplest and most cost-effective options offered manual controls that took only a few seconds to raise or lower the shutters. For those with slightly higher budgets, motorised shutters could be installed, allowing homeowners to control natural light and more with the push of a button. No matter the type of movement system in place, ease of use offered homeowners yet another benefit to enjoy after installation of their roller shutters.

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