Top FAQs for Finding the Best Cafe Blinds for Your Home


With temperate (if not sweltering) temperatures throughout Australia almost year ’round, the majority of homeowners spend a lot of time in the great outdoors—even if it means simply relaxing and enjoying the views from their veranda. At certain times of the year, however, having an open veranda may actually force you inside. From pesky insects to chilly temperatures, these issues can be resolved with a cafe blind.

What Is A Cafe Blind?

Cafe blinds give homeowners the ability to transform their veranda or patio into an additional comfortable living area of the home. These blinds stretch right from the ceiling down to the floor of your space, if necessary, and offer great protection from the elements.

Are There Different Types of Cafe Blinds?

Cafe blinds in Melbourne may be made out of one or two of the following materials:

  • PVC
  • Mesh

Mesh cafe blinds are a less popular choice, because they do not offer superior views of your outdoors and surroundings. However, this type of blind does offer greater sun protection than PVC. High-quality mesh blinds can still keep out a lot of rain and wind. If you are considering a mesh blind, look for those crafted from PVC coated polyester, UV stabilised, and includes Microban to protect it against the development of mould.

PVC blinds are often the most cost-effective option for homeowners, though homeowners need to do due diligence when shopping for this type of blind. Because these cafe blinds can be found made of nearly any quality of plastic here in Australia, do your research and make sure that the PVC cafe blinds are:

  • Made with Japanese PVC (Japanese PVC is suitable for all Australian conditions, and it does not stick)
  • Features marine-grade zippers (this prevents them from splitting or becoming damaged by the wind, rain, and sun)
  • Are crafted using UV stabilised and bonded plastic marine thread (this significantly increases the longevity of your blinds)

Whenever possible, choose a PVC blind made with UV inhibitors. This not only protects the blind, but it helps protect the contents on your veranda as well as those within the area.

Cafe Blinds

Do All Cafe Blinds Eventually Change Colour and Crack?

Your cafe blinds are not destined to eventually turn milky, change from clear to brown, or crack. In fact, if you choose a well-constructed blind made of materials suitable for Australia’s sometimes extreme climate, your blinds can last you for decades or more.

To ensure the longevity of your blind, make sure it is not made of cheap lightweight materials. Your blind should be reinforced, and it should only be affixed to your home using a bar, which is capable of handling the weight of your blind.

When considering your cafe blind options, make sure you ask the supplier about what kind of PVC or mesh is used, and question the type of bar or tube that will be used to support it. The best companies in the business will only use heavy duty galvanised tubes and top-of-the-line hardware to support your blinds and keep them in optimal shape.

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