Top Decorative ideas that you can use for your home, by installing a Fireplaces


Fireplaces really spruce up your home or commercial decor and add to their overall value. It basically means that you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fireplace with simple little tricks. But before you set off on doing so, there are some factors that you should evaluate here. First of all, think about whether or not you would want to use the fire place in the long run. For example, some people just use it for a few months or rather occasionally or sparingly. In that case, the fireplace is still operational. Also, when you choose a fireplace, it becomes important whether you choose a freestanding one, or a wooden or an electric fireplace. Depending on the utility of the fireplace and the room to be heated, you can choose from different varieties. But there are some homes that actually don’t use it or rather don’t feel the need to use the fireplace because of the weather or other similar conditions. In that case, you can actually convert the area into something else all together.

Some amazing hacks which you can get by installing the fireplace

Get decorative mantels

One of the best ways to enhance the decor of your fireplace would be getting some cool mantels for the surround area. For instance, if you have a rustic or older kind of decor, then you can get something in distressed wood to surround the outer side of the fireplace.  For a more contemporary look, go for a sleeker fireplace mantle. Many other options exist here based on the overall decor like stainless steel or even wrought iron that adds to the appeal.

Dogtrot Hallway

The Dogtrot Hallway look is all about keeping it simple and yet it has that brick-wood impact all along. For this, you would need to arrange the bricks on the outside or the exterior and the interior of the fireplace in such a way that it totally meets that rustic charm. Go for that rust or brick color only because it really suits the overall ambience.

Book library

Now for anyone who is using that fireplace very little or almost never, you should consider converting the area into something more viable. For example, if you are opting for library then you can stack up books in the fireplace area post cleaning it up and have a temporary or makeshift lid to cover up the same.

Decorate around the area

It is true that you can enhance the fireplace decor with a lot of ideas like mantles and bricks, etc. but how about decorating the area around it too? Remember that in most cases, the outside decor makes a huge difference as to what you are actually finishing off with. For instance, you can paint your furnace area white and then add some Windsor chairs along with a matching table to create a colonial appeal.

  • If you want something more rustic then opt for a stone and slab finish on the walls of the fireplace and then add simple distressed wood furniture around the area. A coffee table here works too.
  • Alongside, think of decorating above the fireplace too. You should remember to avoid inflammable things here but apart from that everything else can be placed around. So think of vases, flowers, paintings, etc. that enhance your home decor.

You can also add some big stones or pebbles around the area. Some individuals also prefer doing a little toasting and heating of the food on these areas so you can make provisions for a rack in the fireplace in case you just feel like toasting something there.

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