Top Autumn Gardening Tips


Autumn is the best time to begin preparing your garden. That’s because the soil still contains a little bit of warmth from summer. It is also a great time to begin planting and you might even enjoy the work without the summer heat.

The following tips will help you adequately prepare your garden and begin planting this autumn;

  • Mulch the Garden   

Mulch is the best thing for your garden since it helps to keep the moisture in the soil. With mulch, you will not need to water the garden as often and it is also a great way to keep the growth of weeds in check. Mulch will also break down over time, adding more nutrients to the soil. You can choose from very many different types of mulch, including organic and inorganic options.

  • Fertilize the Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn is the only way to keep the grass green and healthy throughout the year. And you want to fertilize your lawn in autumn if the lawn will be protected through the harsh winter months. Generally, it is advisable to fertilize the lawn twice a year to keep the soil in great shape.

  • Prune the Trees

If you have trees in your garden, pruning them helps to improve the health and appearance of the tree. Removing dead or dying branches is also a great way to promote the growth of fruit trees. Pruning is also an activity that is best done before winter.

  • Build a Garden Bed

A garden bed can be a great addition to your lawn if you have the space. When done correctly it can be the perfect place to grow your vegetables. For the best results, it is advisable to use very good quality top soil to ensure your vegetables get enough good nutrients to begin growing. You will also need to consider the levels of sunlight and amount of shade when choosing the location of your garden bed. The amount of sunlight will determine the type of plants to grow.

  • Clean Out the Compost Bins

Since autumn is the best time to clear up the lawn borders and vegetable plots, you will have a lot of plant material for the compost heap. This also means that autumn is the best time to clean out the old compost heap and begin a new one. Use last year’s compost around the garden to make room for the new compost. If the old compost is not ready, turn it over and create a new compost heap.

  • Repair and Maintain the Lawn Mower

While you are at it, don’t forget to check on the condition of your lawn mower. Don’t lock the mower away for all of autumn and winter only to discover that it is not working when you need it the most. Proper lawn maintenance is the best way to ensure that your machine provides you with quality service for years. All Mower Parts UK is the best place to find the right mower parts to make repairs.

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