Top 10 Best High-End Bedding & Luxury Bed Linen Brands & Manufacturers


Your bed is where you relax, refresh, and reset for the next day. This is so important to your quality of life that it just doesn’t make sense not to invest in high-quality bedding that will ensure you get your best possible sleep. These top ten bedding brands and manufacturers know the importance of high-quality bed linens to ensure your rest time is luxurious and comfortable.

  1.     Westin Home Collection

There’s a reason Westin Hotels feels so luxurious: their crisp, clean white sheets are known worldwide for their high-quality fabrics and simple designs. Their Egyptian cotton bedding sets are quite pricey, but come with everything you could want to dress your bed to the nines.

  1.    Libeco Home Bedding

Libeco offers organic, certified, sustainable bed linen that is made in a sustainable way. They offer unique collections of beddings that each evoke a different reaction and feeling, such as their Heritage or Memphis sets. The bed linens are comfortable, high-quality and hypo-allergenic.

  1.    Frette

Frette is one of the most well-known high-end bed linen manufacturers, and for good reason. Since 1860, they have been creating decadent, Italian-made bedding sets with understated elegant designs. These bed linens have been used by over 500 European royal dynasties, which might give you a hint as to how luxurious this bedding is.

  1.    IN BED

IN BED designs quality bedding that’s made to be lived in. It’s durable but soft, made with natural fibers and ethical practices. Their French flax is woven into linen in a small, family-run factory in China and the company works closely with their suppliers and manufacturers to ensure quality standards. IN BED linens are offered in stunning, simple pastel colors and are much more affordable than other high-end brands.

  1.    Bellacor

Bellacor is a company with humble roots, but has grown into a well-known high-quality bedding brand. They offer so many collections and styles to choose from that you’ll be covered whether you’re searching for 1200 thread-count Egyptian sheets, or beautiful sateen linen sheets.

  1.    West Elm

This Brooklyn-based company boasts of their unique Fair Trade Certified and sustainably sourced products that are renowned worldwide. West Elm (a branch of Williams Sonoma) offers a wide variety of fabrics and bedding sets to suit your needs, from Belgian flax linen to organic hand-drawn striped sheets. For a high-end brand, their collections are incredibly affordable, with sheet sets starting at $29.

  1.    Anichini

An American company that is based in a Vermont farmhouse, Anichini offers what they call “the heirlooms of tomorrow”. Their bedding is truly beautiful, with careful tiny details that speak to the precision of these hand-crafted linens. You will love handing these gems down to your children and grandchildren.

  1.    Garnet Hill

A company that made its name from a converted sugarhouse in New Hampshire, Garnet Hill maintains their traditional view that the customer deserves the best possible products and experience. Their signature bedding is offered in a wide-variety of fabrics and patterns that your whole family will love.

  1.    Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is a well-known, household name that offers many options for high-quality bedding. Their linens hold up to scrutiny, with careful stitching and weaving to ensure they are durable and long-lasting. You will definitely get your money’s worth out of these linens, especially with such budget-friendly options.

  1. SFerra

Sferra is a bedding industry expert, with an inspirational story dating back to 1891. Their designs continue to adapt to the changing technologies and styles, without ever sacrificing quality. Their linens are classic and elegant, with traditional styles that stand the test of time. These products will last you forever, and are well-worth the investment.

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