Tips for small removals in the summer


Organizing small removals might be an easy task, but not always. It definitely offers plenty of benefits when compared to a relocation with plenty of big and heavy objects, from a two-storey house, for example. Yet the easy organization has its own unique milestones and challenges to overcome. The best tip is not letting everything for the last minute. Start organizing your move at least a month before the moving day, while at the moving day itself – don`t rush and take your free time to supervise all the activities.

From the TV, to the decoration in the living room – there are plenty of small objects that can be included to the checklist with your small removals, but another great tip is to move only the objects that you are 100% sure that you want to keep. There is no need to pay for a big van and more removal boxes for more items, only to decide that you want to get rid of them right after your arrival in the new house. That`s why begin with a thorough sorting and de-cluttering of all the small objects. Another great tip is to put off aside the useless ones and to decide what to do with them. Make another pile in another corner of the room only for the small items that you are about to pack and prepare for the move.

Keep in mind that the summer is actually a good choice for moving small objects. Thanks to their small size and although the big number, they can fit in less and in smaller boxes, by contrast to when moving giant furnishings. This means that a smaller van will be perfect to fit all your possessions and the greater road traffic in the summer is not an issue, such as when driving a giant removal van or a truck in the summer.

There are some important factors to consider. First, the air temperature in the summer is something that you don`t want to underestimate, because the small items are light and easy for handling, lifting, loading or unloading from the removal van, but often you have to deal with dozens or hundreds of items, boxes and bags. It would be much more comfortable if you choose to move in the early morning hours when the sunshine is still not that overwhelming, than in the middle of the day. You can easily take advantage of the chill morning hours to load the van and drive to the new destination and even unload in the new house if it is located at a close distance. Or else, plan a whole night trip or arrive in the evening to take advantage of the cooler air temperature when unloading the van. What better way to avoid the heavy road traffic too!

Another major factor to consider is the choice of a removal agency for your move. If you plan a move on a budged, then definitely a better opt is to do everything by yourself and by using your normal car. Just apply all the space-saving tips and techniques, such as lowering the rear seats and filling the void spaces with textile objects. If the small objects and boxes can`t barely fit in the car and you want a one-way trip – then consider hiring only a slightly bigger van as another appealing option “on a budged”. There are vans with different sizes and specs, and the key is to find the best one for the move.

Get yourself plenty of boxes with different sizes and label everything. Don`t forget to make a comprehensive checklist of that you are moving, because the labeled boxes and the checklist are the only thing that can help orientate among the dozens of small items.

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