Time to Switch to uPVC


Many homeowners choose to simply replace their windows with the same materials when they find the time is right but uPVC may yet be the better and more affordable option. When you choose to purchase new windows, there are many different materials from which you can fabricate the frames and each choice will affect the appearance of the structure. When faced with the difficult choice of aluminium, timber, or uPVC, it can help to take a moment and truly look at the many benefits associated with each option.

In the past, uPVC discoloured over time but new and improved production techniques have completely eliminated this problem. In addition, you receive a wide array of advantages over other materials, especially timber, when you choose this option. The simple maintenance and beautiful look of this choice should easily return the investment within the first year.


Although many homeowners choose the traditional white colour for their uPVC windows in Essex, there are many colours from which you can choose. A range of standard shades exist that allow you to truly tailor your windows to the unique style of your property. You could even ask about having your uPVC appear the same as a wood-grain finish.


UPVC frames are exceptionally secure due to the nature of the fabrication process, meaning that it would take quite a bit of force to even damage the frames of your windows. For homeowners with children or the elderly living in the household, this added security can help give peace of mind when those members must be left alone on the property. No matter if you live alone or as part of a seven-member family, you can rest easy knowing that your windows are highly secure.

Long Lived

This material is designed from the start to last years and years with minimal maintenance or deterioration. Whether you live in an area with high humidity, regular storms, or a great deal of sun, these frames will remain perfect and beautiful. Frames fabricated using timber are likely to rot during humid or even mild weather over time and this can happen even if you keep them maintained and in good condition; however, this is not the case with uPVC.


This material, when used to create window frames, can be fabricated in a wide range of styles to suit the unique architecture of your property. You can choose the traditional box sash or a modern tilt-and-turn but your property will always look absolutely amazing from the start no matter the choice. This could also be your opportunity to try something new with your property and give it a more modern appeal, especially if this building is one of many that has been around for decades and beyond.


Keeping uPVC in good repair is as simple as washing it with warm water and a moderate cleanser, just as you would the rest of your exterior. You never need to have your uPVC refinished with a fresh coat of protective material as you would with timber and you enjoy beautiful windows all year around.

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