Timber Fence Posts For Your Bespoke Need!


Timber fence posts mean wooden poles that are used for the purpose of fencing your boundary of the landholding, usually adjacent to our residential house or the farmhouse. Though there are many alternatives available for the timber fence posts, to our experience, these posts have something unique befitting your taste, need, and above all, the surroundings. We know, sceptics will raise their eyebrows in utter disbelief here. We, therefore, present a case study for everyone’s knowledge and understanding here.

Key areas of timber fence posts:

1) No real substitute in a true sense: There are many metal poles available such as the iron, steel, and others for the purpose of fencing. But, none can really substitute the timber fence posts when it comes to adorning your house or the farmhouse with a strong boundary wall that lasts long with a complete makeover of the area. The best part is that these posts befit into the surroundings of the area in an environment-friendly manner. This, in other words, means you live in an enclosure that doesn’t leave any residual effect such as the rusts and other toxic elements that spoil your living area.

2) Complementing the exterior: The timber fence posts have the ability to complement your exterior flawlessly. It adores your house with the feeling of the natural substances that wear and tear as you do as a human being with the growing age. It creates somewhat nostalgic bonding with you for sure that lives long down in your memory lane. You spend sometime taking minor care of the stuff there on the timbers posts, may be somewhere in an idle afternoon and enjoy doing it for sure.

3) Rugged surface of the posts: The rugged surface of the timbers stands tall guarding your area form the intruders. They, at times, also remind you about the heydays of your life when you too were as tough as them taking the challenges head-on in life. In short, the rugged surface of the posts helps you reminisce your memories in a bitter-sweet way forever.

4) Sturdiness that you can bank on: The timber fence posts have the sturdiness that you can bank on for having a strong wall around your house. For instance, these posts are treated in high pressure with Tanalith E or the similar for the high durability and strength. “E” stands extra and Tanalith E as a whole is a copper based additive that works as the water repellent thereby works towards protecting the timber fence posts from decay and termites.

5) Colours that complements your exterior naturally: To our experience and findings, colours of the timber fence posts are the exquisite properties that no other posts can really copy and sustain over a period. The best part is that these timber posts naturally mingles with the surroundings in a flawless manner. You can even opt for specially treated timber fence posts with green and other colours befitting the surroundings of your house.

Different sizes and shapes of the timber fence posts are available in the market. Make a careful selection here for inducing a lifelong bonding with them.

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