Three Signs It Is Time to Consider a Boiler Replacement


If your boiler breaks down and cannot be repaired, it is an obvious sign to replace it. However, knowing when to replace the boiler isn’t always so direct. Here are three other indications of it being time to consider replacing the boiler in your home.

Increasing Number of Repairs

Prior to giving up the ghost, your boiler will probably start requiring more frequent…iler-replacement.htmlrepairs. Even if you have it maintained as recommended, the parts of an older boiler may wear out more quickly. Instead of continuing to put money into repairs, you can use that money to pay for a new, more efficient boiler that will keep your house warmer in the winter.

Outgrowing the Output

As your family grows, the boiler may not be able to keep up with heat and hot water demands, especially if it is an older model or too small for your home. Instead of putting up with the occasional cold shower or putting on a jumper because the house is cold, consider replacing the boiler with one appropriate for the size of your family. A plumbing company specialising in central heating – installation and servicing in Fife can help you select the right boiler for your needs.

Colour of Flame

If you have an oil or gas boiler, the flame should burn blue. If the flame is yellow, that means there is carbon monoxide present. Carbon monoxide build-up in your home can be deadly, so you need to have an engineer inspect the boiler and consider replacing it so you and your family do not get sick from or succumb to carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you know the boiler is fifteen years old or older, then you should have it replaced. Look for a model with an ‘A’ rating, as it can help save money on your home’s energy bills and keep your home cosier during the winter.

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