Things You Should Never Store in a Portable Storage Shed


Over the recent past, the popularity of portable storage sheds has risen drastically. These sheds have become an invaluable asset to homeowners. You can use it to store lawn equipment and garage tools. It feels great to put some items such as hosepipes, bikes, and toys out of your living room. However, there are several items that you cannot keep in your outdoor portable storage units. Extreme temperatures in an outdoor mobile storage shed can damage your valuable items. Below are some of the things that you cannot store in your portable storage shed.

Food Stored in Cans

It is not advisable to store food packaged in cans in an outdoor portable storage unit. Food packaged in tins does better in a serene environment. Tins can also break down if subjected to extreme temperatures. Conversely, storing your canned food in an environment with high humidity can increase the risk of rusting. Freezing can also damage container seals and make your products inedible.


It is not advisable to keep electronics in an outdoor portable storage unit. Moisture and extreme heat can damage your HVAC or microwave. Instead, keep them inside the house. Freezing can destroy any electronic with an LCD screen beyond repair.



Many liquids will often spoil when you store them in an outdoor storage unit. Freezing can affect the quality of fluids such as glue and paint.

Artwork and Musical Instruments

Artwork and musical instruments tend to be sensitive to temperature changes. Humidity and heat can damage wooden musical instruments. For example, storing brass instruments in humid environments can cause rusting. It is, therefore, advisable to keep your artwork and musical devices in your living room. Exposure to sun, humidity, and extreme heat can damage or discolor your collection. However, some musical instruments and artwork will survive in outdoor portable sheds if you are extra cautious

Clothing and Paper Materials


It is not wise to store paper materials in outdoor storage units. However, you can put your paper materials in an airtight storage container if you have to store them in an outdoor storage container. That way, they cannot be destroyed by moisture and pests. Similarly, storing photos and clothing in an outdoor portable storage shed can result in damages. If you have to keep them in an outdoor storage unit, make sure they are in an airtight container.

Pet Food


It is not hygienic to store your pet’s food in an outdoor portable storage container. Alternatively, you could keep it in steel trash that has a tight lid. That helps keep rodents off your pet’s food.



You need to be extra cautious when storing gas and propane. Gasoline can break down when subjected to cold winter temperatures. You only need enough gas that will serve you for a week or two. Do not store gasoline together with appliances that use natural gas. Buying a portable storage unit can be a great way to add the much-needed storage space. However, keep in mind that not all items can be stored in the outdoor portable storage shed.

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