Things Not To Miss During Move Out Cleaning


When your tenancy contract is coming to an end, think about how you are going to secure the full deposit refund. Completing the move out cleaning might be the best way of doing it. Do not be frustrated by the fact that you are not going to live there anymore. It is just one of those procedures that need to be done and are clearly explained in your tenancy agreement. It should not go wrong unless you decide to do it in the last moment, because there are lots of things that should not be forgotten during end of tenancy cleaning.

It does not really matter who is going to do this job – you or a cleaning contractor. The house should be cleaned thoroughly. The only difference is that you do not necessarily know how to do it properly yourself while cleaning professionals would charge you for doing it perfectly. You can consult them about those things that should not be ignored during the move out cleaning, but they do not seem to provide free of charge consultations for such services. Thus, you have to rely on your budget or yourself only.

  • Floors and carpets. These areas could not be missed because they are too obvious and normally the clean-up starts with them. The best way of cleaning them is to try to make them look like they did on the day you moved in. It should not be that hard because you may have been doing it very often – hoovering carpets and mopping floors are considered regular procedures for any household.
  • Walls and windows. First make sure these are not damaged or broken. If they pass this test, you can check how clean they are. With walls it is a little bit harder, though you do not have to care about their state on the outside. If the walls are painted in a light colour, then it might be a disaster to retain their original look, especially after a long period of living in the house. With windows it is easier because they mainly require a swift wipe over on the inside. Make sure the curtains are not stained with spaghetti Bolognese when you do the end of tenancy checkout with the landlord or letting
  • Main rooms and dark corners. There is no difficulty in leaving your main rooms in order. The best rule that works here is do not leave anything for anyone. Basically there should not be anything that has belonged to you, including any piece of wardrobe or phone charger. If the house was furnished when you moved in, try to put it into the same condition on the day you leave.
  • Kitchen and bathroom. The main thing about these rooms is that they have to be clean. If not every day, then at least on your leaving day. These are the areas where the actual cleaning is concentrated. Sink, toilet, shower, cupboards, and oven – all should shine with tidiness like stars in the clear night sky.
  • Garden and shed. In case you have them both, make sure the lawn is trimmed and the bins are securely stored. Remember that the bins have to be cleaned from any rubbish before you move out.

If you feel you will not be able to handle everything on your own, it is advisable to request the end of tenancy cleaning service from a local company.

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