The Ultimate Kitchen Remodel Checklist


Refurbishing your kitchen offers one of the highest ROIs in the realm of home renovation options. According to the latest cost-vs-value report, you could recoup up to 77.6% of what you spend on upgrading your kitchen when you sell your home.

Apart from making financial sense, kitchen improvements also add convenience and appeal to the heart of your home.

Don’t put off your aspirations for a better kitchen any longer, check out this concise kitchen remodel checklist to help you fulfill your kitchen remodel ideas.

Plan Your Kitchen Remodel in Detail

A total kitchen remodeling project means you won’t have access to cooking facilities for some of the time. So, it’s important to plan the order of work carefully so that your family experiences the minimum inconvenience.

Once you get started with the process, there’s no going back either, so running out of budget’s nothing short of a disaster. Take time setting up a realistic budget according to each stage, and then add a little extra for unexpected expenses.

Think about the items you want to include in your budget in line with what you can afford and price everything before the time.

It’s important to get the best fittings and fixtures you can afford: they’ll reward you with years of service and aesthetics. Take time to learn more about the best materials and what they’re really worth.

Remember to include contractors’ costs in your budget.

Steps Involved in Kitchen Remodeling

Each stage of your kitchen refurbishment offers opportunities for improving and enhancing your kitchen as well as a chance to save money. This is what’s involved:

Demolishing Your Kitchen

Work with an architect and an experienced contractor to determine if you really need to demolish your room’s interiors before getting started. You can often save money by retaining some of your kitchen’s good qualities and upgrading them.

For instance, good-quality kitchen cabinets can last for many years. Perhaps you could get away with replacing only the doors and countertops?

Replacing Plumbing and Electrical

If these two aspects of your kitchen aren’t up to code, it’s vital to get them upgraded. An experienced electrician and plumber will advise you about which aspects you can leave as-is, and which ones you’ll need to improve.

Don’t ever skimp on these vital aspects.

Walls and Floors

Once your wiring and piping are up to scratch, you can set about installing new drywalling and floors. Choose paint colors and flooring that enhance the rest of your kitchen design and complement the overall style of your home.

You should only use paint and flooring that’s proven to withstand the rigors of kitchen activities.

Cabinets and Countertops

Whether you choose to replace or refurbish your cabinets, make sure you arrange them so they suit how you use your kitchen.

Once you’ve got your kitchen cabinets looking spic and span, you can start with the fun stuff. Picking appliances and fixtures for your kitchen is a rewarding task and allows you to explore your creative side more.

Completing Your Kitchen Remodel Checklist

Now that you know where to get started, you can work towards improving your home’s value, comfort, style, and functionality with a kitchen upgrade.

We can help you complete some of the items on your kitchen remodel checklist in fine style. Browse some more of our articles for information on all the most popular home improvement projects.

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