The Right Type of Ladder Increases Mobility and Safety


It can be a hassle to climb up and down a ladder over and over so you can change the position of it. Not only does this take time, but your safety is at risk each time. Finding a secure spot for the ladder can be difficult in some locations where you need it. The right type of ladder though will increase your mobility and overall safety. You will complete your tasks in less time, and you don’t have to worry so much about an injury or a fall.

The number of people that fall each year from a regular ladder is very high, and those injuries can range from just being sore to broken bones. It can take time to recover from such injuries, and the pain is never something any of us want to deal with. Knowing there is a better choice is encouraging. Don’t wait until you experience a fall from a typical ladder to start looking into it.

Podium Style

There are several types of podium step ladders out there, and they are a good idea to consider. They offer you the ability to turn in all directions while you are on the ladder. If you are cleaning, painting, or fixing something, this type of mobility can help you get the job done quickly and correctly. There are various heights offered of such step ladders with the largest ones extending six feet in the air for household use.

podium step ladders

There are longer ones offered for commercial use. If you are afraid to be on a ladder due to the shaking and the uncertainty, this can put your mind at ease. You will feel confident doing your project because you have a steady mechanism underneath you at all times. You may decide to start doing more projects on your own rather than hiring someone to complete them.

Additional Features

You will have the value of four legs on the ground rather than just two with a typical ladder. This helps prevent the ladder from rocking. You can also place the four-legged ladder in the middle of the room. It doesn’t have to be propped up against a wall. As a result, you can use it virtually anywhere. Most designs also offer a guardrail, which provides additional safety and security. Other features include toe-holds to prevent slipping. The overall concept is created to help you turn and reach to complete your work without moving the ladder as you do so.

The overall security features you will have depend on the brand and the model you purchase. Think about the types of projects you need to complete with the use of a ladder. It is a good idea to explore the possibilities, so you can make a purchase you will use and be very happy with. Don’t be surprised if your ladder starts to just take up space and collect dust in the garage, though. Once you try out a podium type of ladder, you aren’t going to go back to one so basic.

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