The Reasons Metal Blackening Is Done


Whether your company produces metal components or buys them to build machinery, you can blacken these components in your factory. The easiest and least expensive way to blacken ferrous metals like stainless steel, aluminium, iron, or copper is to purchase blackening kits and do the work onsite. Here are some of the reasons for blackening metal components.

What Is Blackening?

Black oxide is a process used to blacken metals and keep component dimensions consistent. While it can be done by other companies, if you produce metal components or build machinery containing them, it costs less to purchase blackening kits and do it in-house. The process is simple, because all you need to do is dip the components in the blackening chemicals to change their appearance.

Blackening Applications

There are many reasons for blackening metal products, whether it is for factory use or to give new metal products an older appearance.

Reduces Corrosion

One reason to blacken metal components is that it reduce corrosion for those parts exposed to the elements or to corrosive liquids. Metal blackening is often done because it helps to absorb oil and wax, which can be important in machinery if a seal breaks and oil covers everything. In addition, it helps to reduce corrosion and can provide up to 100 hours of continuous protection from sea spray to which machinery or its components may be exposed.

No Dimensional Changes

It is important for components to fit precisely in machinery, especially if they are being used to build engines or other parts for aircraft, equipment for use in factories, or by the military. By not changing the dimensions of parts, they will fit according to their specifications and help provide optimal operations for equipment and machinery. Dimensional changes can affect or prevent components from properly operating when they don’t fit together as they should.

Prevents Glare from Components

When people work with shiny metal components all day long, they can experience eye fatigue, which can be dangerous when working with moving machinery. Blackening metal reduces glare, which prevents it from shining into a machine operator’s eyes. By preventing eye fatigue, fewer accidents will occur, so the workers operating machinery are safer and productivity losses will be reduced as well.

Provides Decorative Appearance

Many producers of metal sculptures, cabinet hardware, metal plates, or mugs and other decorative items will blacken them to create an antique appearance. Shiny metal looks brand new, so by blackening your products, you can give them the same, older appearance decorative metal items or fasteners have as they age. It can also give decorative items more dimension by creating shadows on sculptures, clocks, and other metal items.

Whether your business involves producing metal components or working with them to build machinery or other products, blackening is an important process. It can make working with moving machinery safer, prevent dimensional changes on important components while making the same components more resistant to corrosion, or it can give metal decorations an attractive appearance customers will like. Blackening kits can be an inexpensive way to blacken components and save your business money.

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