The Pros and Cons of Sliding Patio Doors


Do you want to install a new door to access your patio? Not sure whether a sliding door is a good choice? When it comes to deciding whether to install a sliding patio door, it really depends on your particular needs and personal preference. For those who are thinking about installing a sliding patio door, the following are the pros and cons associated with it.

sliding patio door

Sliding Patio Door Pros and Cons


Unobstructed Views – Sliding patio doors which feature wide bi-fold panels have less chance of obstructing the outside view than that of other doors. Sliding doors are capable of opening all the way allowing for you to see the view without having to look around a frame. This is beneficial for increasing the feel of space between two rooms.

Easy To Open/Close – Another great thing about sliding doors is their ability to be easily opened and closed. Sliding doors are generally placed on specialised tracks which are capable of sliding with ease. This allows for the doors to easily open and close without any problems. This is great for the elderly, children or those who may have a disability.

Fits Seamlessly Within Your Home – Sliding patio doors are ideal for creating a seamless fit within any home. Because they tend to slid back out of the way, you don’t even notice they’re there when opened. This is great if you need a sliding door to become invisible when it’s opened for a flushed finish.

Aesthetically Appealing – Another great thing about sliding patio doors is the fact they offer additional aesthetic appeal to any home. Sliding doors have a way of providing a modern day, stylish and contemporary design that is perfect for complimenting your home and your surrounding furniture. This improved aesthetics can also provide added value to your home as well.


Limited View When Closed – Depending on the type of door you purchase; framed patio doors may interrupt the view compared against seamless doors. This can cause breaks in your view when the doors are closed.

Sliding Wear – Over time you may find that the small slider wheels may wear with constant use. This means that eventually they may have to be replaced. Although it may not be as costly as what you think it will, it does take time for the supplier to refit the slider wheels on the doors.


Sliding patio doors are a great choice for any home, whether you need more space or just want to create a direct access to your outdoor patio area, a sliding door is a great choice. By knowing the pros and cons of these types of doors you can easily make an informed decision about whether they’re the right choice for you. Remember they will need maintenance and cleaning regularly to help keep them functioning in top form all year round. So are you looking to install sliding patio doors between your two spaces? What made you choose a sliding patio door?

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