The Principles of Landscape Garden Design


Designing an award winning garden isn’t beyond the average person, and with some basic design know-how and a little creativity, you can plan a garden that perfectly suits your needs. This is the type of project that can be planned onto a large sheet of paper, and drawn to scale, this plan will allow you to get a clear picture of how the garden will look.

Take Stock of What you Have

The first thing that landscaping contractors in Bath would do is to take notice of the available resources. If, for example, the plot is flat and even, by moving some of the soil around, you can create a multi-level garden without having to import topsoil.

Plan your Features

There are quite a few attractive features you can incorporate into your design, which includes the following:

  • Terrace or Patio
  • Pond and Waterfall
  • Rockery
  • Water Fountain

Plan pathways accordingly, and small retaining walls can be added for the flower beds, which will add that much needed colour and depth.

Think Maintenance

Some garden designs require more maintenance than others, and if you are not so keen on pottering around in the garden, you might wish to skip laying turf for a lawn. Failing that, why not use artificial grass for the lawn, as it doesn’t require cutting.

Essential Tools and Equipment

Once the floor plan is complete and you can see the various elements of the garden design, you need to work out what tools and equipment you will need. This might include hiring a rotovator, which is used to break up the ground that needs to be removed.

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