The Most Important Things You Need to Know Before Getting Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are very good additions to your home if you are looking to add a bit of style and protection. Unlike the usual blinds online that we know, vertical blinds have slats that are arranged in vertical columns. Because of this, many homeowners are using them for their sliding doors or rooms with wide windows. Moreover, they are the best choices for bay windows that are rather harder to fit.

Getting to Know Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are made with either – aluminium, vinyl, wood, or fabric. The slats can vary. They range from the more common 3 ½ -inch variants to as wide as 300 inches. When choosing the width of the slats, you need to consider the size of the windows or doors. The wider they are, so should the slats be. You can also customise its height to fit in your rooms.

Vertical blinds run from side to side, unlike the traditional Venetian blinds. Generally, the blinds are attached to a track where they can run back and forth. There is a valance that covers this tracking mechanism. You can also choose vertical blinds according to its control options. They can either be adjusted manually using cords or they can be controlled with a wireless remote.

Furthermore, the installation of these blinds is hassle-free. You can also have the choice of mounting them either outside or inside the window frame. The past variations of vertical blinds did not have joined bottoms so the slats were freely swinging and parting in ugly ways. However, designers have found a way to solve this issue by joining the entire slats one after the other using some kind of a cord or a chain.

Décor and Blinds Pairing

Generally, vertical blinds are characterized by their modern and contemporary look. This is why it is best for homes or rooms that have styles and concepts that veer away from the traditional home designs. If you want to create an illusion of a room with a higher height, then you need to start looking for vertical blinds online.

If your room feels a little too dark, replacing the curtains with vertical blinds can let you have more control of the outside light that comes in so your room can be brighter without worrying about exposing your privacy.


One good thing about vertical blinds online is that its design is made for easy cleaning. Since the slats are vertically hanged, there is only a lesser chance of them collecting dust.

Just remember that when you are cleaning the blinds, close them first so you can see every single slat. Then, you can initially dust them using a cloth damped with a little amount of soap or vinegar. Alternatively, if you own a vacuum, you can use it by attaching the brush head. When you have cleaned one side, turn it over and then just repeat the same steps.

Finally, do not forget to clean the track too. If dust and dirt accumulate there, it would not function well and it could cause damage to the blinds.

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